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Has anyone ever been to Lebanon??

What do you know about this country? I plan on going there. Any advice

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    Yes.......I have. I went there for 2 months (april and may)last year and were the most enjoyable months I spent in long time.

    Lebanon is an incredible country with amazing friendly pple and wonderful landscapes.

    I love all that .

    If you dont speak arabic it is not a problem, lebanese citizens are educated and most of them speak french and english also.

    The currency is not a problem either. US dollars are accepted everywhere and is very common to pay with them.

    Prices are aceptable ones.

    To go from a place to another is easy. You have many ways to do it. if you want to drive, you can rent a car in the airport, but if you prefer a driver you have 2 different ways.

    1..get a taxi..they can take you where you want to go, even to the mountains, but arrange the price b4 starting the trip.

    Some taxis can be at ur service all the day round, and take you where you want to know

    2.. there is another kind of taxis....called "service". They are everywhere and the difference is that they take passengers till reach the number of 4 or 5 that are going to the same place or almost. So you pay only 1 part of the total.

    It is safe, but sometimes you need to take 2 to reach the place you want to go.

    Is also funny.

    Food in Lebanon deserves a separate note.....but it should be so long if i write abt it here. So..I only will say.......taste everything.....all is delicious.

    About the places to depends on the season and the places you like to visit.

    I should advice to go in the lebanese spring (april is the best)

    and you can go everywhere in that season.

    The mountains can still have a bit of snow, but you can reach the top and visit hidden and picturesque villages there.

    Faraya is a must, and also The Cedars. The millenary trees climcing to the skie.

    If you like the history...then

    -Baalbeck with the roman ruins. It is an amazing place in Bekaa Valley, and the Bacchus Temple is in an incredible state of conservation.

    -Byblos...7000 years of history are waiting for you there. It's one of the nicer places in Lebanon. In Byblos the old and the modern age live together.

    -Tyr...beautiful city with roman ruins also. I recomend you to visit the'll feel as transported to the past there.

    - Saida or Sidon..Cruzades castle..or The Sea Castle as is also called. A wonderful corniche and fantastic pattiseries.

    The sweets are very tasty. Specially ones called Siniora. I should say that this, is typical from Sidon.

    -Tripoli...2nd city of the country, with main cargoe port.

    Has a big Old Citadel , beautiful old souks, where you can buy souvenirs at good prices. The most important pattiserie of Middle east is there too: Hallab's. You cant go to tripoli without going to Hallab's.

    -Jounieh..beautiful city with an important sport port. The Casin of Liban is there too.

    If you look up to the mountain, you'll see in the closest mountain, a big Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa.

    - Jeitta grotto. for me...the most amazing natural grotto, with many kms to walk inside it and with colours changing every second...

    I can go on writing about Lebanon for many hours, but I'll add only some other places you can visit ...Zahle, Qanaa, Beiteddine, Deir el Qamar, Brummana, Qadisha (valley of the Saints), Laqlouq, Nahr Ibrahim..all that places deserve to be visited if you have time.

    Hope you enjoy our beautiful Lebanon.

    Good luck !!!!

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    I agree with Aussie and may add that Lebanon is a very modern country Dawn. I have lived in Canada for 23 years and visited many countries: The luxury I saw in Lebanon can't match any country.

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    Lebanon's not ready for such a thing! First of all, let's start to talk about human rights! We don't have woman rights, children rights, gay rights, etc... Second: European mind is very different from Arab mind! We say we're very liberal but I invite you to go to North of Lebanon. They're not as liberal as you must know! Hezbollah! Oh, Hezbollah is a big problem! We'll never be able to get through the ignorance that remains in this beautiful country! I don't see future here and we'll never be part of Europe because Arab countries will be always the same ;)

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    I agree with Aussie & Hallambra ,

    I visited lebanon 5 years ago , and I love this country , you have all what u want there ,

    And Nature is incredible , People are open minded , friendly , kind ,

    Wish to enjoy ur trip , email me for any help needed ok, take care

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    I lived the first 25 years of my life in Lebanon does this count?

  • Anonymous
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    Yes M'aam ! Went last year in January...had a ball ! Fantastic experience !

    You'll love the friendly people , the culture , natural beauty & visual evidence of history that's everywhere you go .

    I'm going again in just over 2 months ...want to experience Spring as opposed to winter ...

    Advice ...well , must sees are Beirut of course , Baalbek , Jeita Grotto , Byblos ( Jbeil ) , Tripoli..( the Citadel , Turkish Baths , Mosques , Hallab !) , Tyre & Sidon.

    Take US Dollars but you can use Visa or mastercard or withdraw at most banks using your debitcard ( either in US Dollars or Leb Lira ).

    Any other queries , just ask .. ...enjoy !

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    i went to Lebanon three Time's and i want to go back again i travel around the world and i did not see some thing seemlier especially in winter if you go to arz or freya its wonderful

  • ah! dawn plz plz take me with u


    really i wish to go there i love this country ppl are so friendly and generous also u will have fun sure coz it's the country that gathers all the musics and arts theater and cultures there it's a modern country and so so civilised specially Beirut the capital and the landsape is too wonderful there i see it on TV all the time

    just enjoy ur time there im here crying coz i cat go with u LOL

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    I have not been there yet, but i wish to go and meet all the beautiful people i talk to on here. I know that when Aussie and Mrs Aussie go in a few months, that you will all be looking after them and they will be safe. that is reassuring!

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    me, not yet...

    but i have feelings that Lebanon is a great place with very nice people...

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