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What is the best way to create a peaceful home....with 2 kids under the age of 3?

My son will be 3 the end of march and my daughter is 19 months old,the kids are so close in age, so I think that is why we have such a chaotic house. I am really looking on pointers on how to get my son to be less physical. He is pretty active and he wants what he wants. He will resort to hitting, pushing, once in a while biting his sister, and now unfortunately my daughter is doing the same. I've tried spanking, timeouts, talking with them taking away tv time. You name it. I am just wondering if this is just how it is with children (especially when the boy is born 1st) spaced this close together? How long do you think it will be before I will have the 1st day with no CRYING? Don't get me wrong they are loving and adorable, and I would not change a thing, but somedays....Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?

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    lol..I needed a good laugh...peace in the house with them that close in age..yea right..mine are 3 yrs and one is turning 2 on New Years...Example: I think my kids had a meeting this morning and decided that this was how the day was going to go..I scream..then at the same time we both scream my head was hurting soooo much I wanted to cry..I was able to redirect them by sitting down with them and coloring etc...but the second I was gone...the fighting..not sharing...screaming started all I need advice 2 :) I asked their grandma what I could do...and she now you understand...not very nice..but I laughed..cuz it's true :)

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    I absolutely love this question I have a 5 yo girl, 3 yo boy and a 15 months old boy. My house is always chaotic sometimes I fear it always will be but i have found the super nanny approach with the naughty spot (slightly modified for each child based on age) to be the best for us.You have to be very very very consistent especially with your son. When it comes to biting and hitting we are very strict with our sons I have found our boys often resort to the physical to get what they want especially my 3 yo as that is easier for them then expressing themselves vocally but usually we can spot when this is going to happen and try to intervene before it gets to the crying stage easier said then done I know. If he does bite or hit or push. I get down to his level and tell him that we do not push, bite or whatever he did. Then he goes to the naughty spot. In our house this is just a boring spot IE in our office against the wall. He stays there for 3 minutes. One min for each year. When the time is up I go and get him and i tell him again what he did wrong then he must say sorry. The first few times we used this approach he tried to get up but we just kept putting him back until he stayed there. For my 15 mo we just get down to his level and say no loudly and say we don't hit or bite or whatever. This age is a bit hard to use the naughty spot as I honestly believe they have no idea as they are just copying the older ones. And to answer the last question you are doing nothing wrong . . . kids are kids and by nature they will constantly push and test the boundaries - just keep them in place and be consistent and things will calm down and they grow so quick that you will be looking back on this age wishing it back.

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    As hard as it will be at first to REALLY get organized the more prepared you are the less stress and the less he will feel anxious. I'm not sure about you but when people around me feel frustrated I pick up on that and it makes me a little anxious especially if I don't know why. Your son is likely feeling this but doesn't know any other way to vent but with aggression, he can't really express himself like an adult can.

    A routine, kids need structure. Wake up, breakfast, activity or chores (3 years is not too young to help), lunch, activity etc.

    Have your days planned out and tell them what you will be doing and what they need to do to help.

    Also, plenty of exercise, a big source of frustration for kids that young is pent up energy. That is physical and mental exercise. He could be playing sports, doing phonics games, my younger brother liked to memorize US map cities and statistics at that age. Get them outside or into an indoor playgroup.

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    The super nanny approach makes 100% difference! But you have to stick to it exactly and persistently. Routine and structure are also very important. And when your son gets angry, teach him how to vent his anger- painting furiously with black/red paint/ pounding play-doh/ get him a little punching bag etc. But most importantly, to teach your children to stay calm, YOU need to stay calm! eg no hitting/yelling/aggression of any kind on your behalf! As hard as that is, you need to stick to all the rules yourself as children mimick their parents behaviour. Good luck!

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    You are a super hero!

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    I don't know, but you aren't alone :)

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