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SCMP 30/12/2007 Editorial

"it is tempered by a silver lining in the decision"


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    你要知點解, 首先要識得........"Every cloud has a silver lining"點解

    Every cloud has a silver lining means that

    the sun shining at the edges of every cloud

    It reminds us that "every difficult situation has a bright side"

    即係話係困境中都不應放棄, 都有bright的一面


    Now we've targets to aim for, HK must not misfire


    Dec 30, 2007

    Disappointment is to be expected at the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to rule out universal suffrage for the election of the chief executive and all legislators in 2012, the wish of a majority of Hong Kong people. "But it is tempered by a silver lining in the decision", and should now be put aside in favour of following a clear path that has opened up towards democratic development....

    即係解, "不過港人對這決定的不滿 被一個有曙光的決定 緩和了"

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    "it is tempered by a silver lining in the decision"is =它由銀色襯裡磨鍊在決定

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