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    Thing that modern perplex most obtain employment salary rise , but living needs articles each kind is rising , you want how paid attention to carefully to manage your money at this time, it is believed that these are known by a lot of people some perplexing .

    If what you want manage your money, I think I should go to avoid some unnecessary expenses from the moment that you begin to do in most basic life , the modern will all have some investment, for example insure. Fund ...Wait , is it save to try one's best while being other.

    Mostly spend young people's money in amusement. Shopping is had most, if you can lack some amusement and buy less things in one month, it is believed that you can save much money , not much but the wealth is accumulated slowly, don't is it is it get rich impractical thing one one night to think to go, do solid work relatively more tangible.

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    那都是奇摩移除的不是我= =

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    The most troubling thing for modern people is that salary has not been raised but the prices of every daily necessity are zooming up. At this moment, you should pay your attention to how to deal with your money well. I believe most people have this kind of trouble.

    I f you want to manage your money well, I think you should begin doing it from your basic spending. Avoid the unnecessary expenses , and save some money for investment, such as buying insurance, funds, and so on. Besides , you should save as much as you can . Youngsters used to spend most of their money on entertainment and purchase. If you can spend less money on amusement and buying fewer things, I am sure you will save a lot of moneyin the future. Though you may not save a lot at first , treasure will be accumulated. Don't fancy to become a wealthy person immediately. Stepping firmly is more practical.

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    p.s. 001-004都是用翻譯器翻的,錯誤百出!

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    The modern people most puzzle the matter employment wage has not

    risen but lives needs thing actually each type all to rise, at this

    kind of time how do you want to take good care should go manage your

    money, believed this is the puzzle which very many people all can

    have. If you want to manage your money well, I thought should start

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    這太簡單ㄌ吧 我才想3分鐘而已ㄟ

    Modern people most disturb de matter take up employment salary have no rise, but live need appliance but each kind of all at rise, at this time you get along well with good pay attention to should go how administer your money, believe this is many peoples all will have disturbance.

    If you want nicely go administer your money, I feel should from you the most basic live in start start with, go avoid some no need expenditures, modern people all can have some investments, for example buy insurance. Fund. ..Wait for, other then can province then province.

    Youth de money's bigalopolis spend at entertainment. Do shop on most, if a month you can somer little entertain little buy a point of thing, believe you can not a few money under province, though not many but fortune is slowly accumulated, do not want go want some a night make fortune unpractical matter, down-to-earth comparation's esse

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    The thing employment salary that the modern people perplexs most didn't rise, but live articles but every varieties needed is rising, your aring good friends with a good attention should go in this kind of time how manage your money, believing these is a lot of harassments that the persons will have.

    If you want to manage your money thoroughly, I feel and should start to start in from you the most basic life, avoiding some unnecessary expense, the modern peoples all will have some investments, for example buy insurance.Fund...Etc., other then can save to then save.

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