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幫我翻譯一下 請不要用線上翻譯 謝謝

我們做完這份報告之後,發現行銷手法對一家企業而言是相當重要的。以麥當勞而言,他懂得適時推出優惠或趕搭流行的順風車而對該產品做促銷…等,以創造更大的商機。 近期來它也逐漸走向社會導向,不再是一味的只是想把產品推銷出去,而是設身處地的去了解顧客的需求。在服務方面,店員以平易熱情的親和力服務顧客;產品方面,也不斷的在推陳出新。源源不絕的創意讓消費者新鮮感氛圍,如此一來,比起一成不變的銷售方式,麥當勞不但成功網羅更多新的消費族群,更增加舊顧客的登門率。就形象而言,他們秉持一貫的熱情態度,帶給我們一整天的充沛活力。而麥當勞的那金黃色的拱門商標,更是他創業成功的重要一環,精簡突出的造型,很容易就烙印在顧客的腦海中,有了印象,又加上後天良好的形象,讓麥當勞在台灣市場更是如虎添翼,業績蒸蒸日上,說它是速食業的泰斗,可真不是浪得虛名!一個企業的成功與否,每一個細結都是重要關鍵,它們都是環環相扣,牽一髮而動全身,麥當勞公司操持著謹端慎行的經營理念,在食品業大放異采,相信以後在全世界的每一國家、每一地區、每一角落…都可見到這首屈一指的企業的足跡!

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    您好 我翻譯如下 有些單字&成語深奧 不對地方 請多包涵>Q<

    因篇幅關係 原文無法放上 只能幫您分句.....

    After we complete this report, discovered that the marketing technique speaking of an enterprise is quite important.

    By MacDonald, he understood that at the right moment promotes the preferential benefit or hurries to catch popular running free Che Er to make the promotion to this product…And so on, creates a bigger opportunity.

    In the near future will come it also gradually to move toward the society to guide, no longer will be constantly is only wants to sell the product, but putting oneself in another's place will understand customer's demand.

    In the service aspect, the sales clerk serves the customer by the amiable warm affinity; The product aspect, unceasing is also weeding through the old to bring forth the new.

    Unceasingly the creativity lets the consumer curiosity atmosphere, not only then, compares the irrevocable sales way, MacDonald the success net are more new expense tribal grouping tribal group, increases the old customer to visit rate.

    By the image, they grasp the consistent warm manner, takes to us an all day abundant vigor.

    But MacDonald's that golden yellow arched entrance trademark, is he starts an undertaking the successful important link, simplifies the prominent modelling, on the brand mark in customer's mind, had the impression very easily, also will add on the day after tomorrow good image, will let MacDonald in Taiwan market is even more powerful, the achievement will progress day by day, said that it will be the fast food industry highly respected person, may not be really has unearned reputation!

    An enterprise's success or not, each thin knot is the important key, they are linked together, pull one round to move the whole body, MacDonald Corporation manage are carrying the cautious line of management idea sincerely, will put the extraordinary color on food spare-time university, the trust later on world each country, each area, each corner…May see this is second to none enterprise's trail!

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