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Mr. H asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文高手 快來幫我翻譯一段新聞







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  • 小林
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    1 decade ago
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    The Chinese duty is excellent while just beginning this year, several incidents that was suspected to be judging by accident have happened, quite angry that this lets a lot of judged the square football fan by accident, throw the rubbish away to protest in the court, still the attempt paralysis match. The football fan not going to the scene , surf the Net and scold severely a referee , a specific referee wants him to be responsible for , want him to resign to call the roll, even the football fan Call-In chance utilizing the ball match to relay, emit out and protest with actually independent sportsman , main broadcaster that queries. If because it is making a change by mistake in referee to, to correcting one's mistakes,in a word have not changing the original sentence just, and condemn referee, this is it go wrong to be should scolded perhaps. But sometimes not changed the original sentence , the referee also gets a scolding all the same , for example say that the referee has not judged by accident , but correct judgement , but because seem to be close outly very much, so certainly the unfavorable party will protest to some extent after the judgement , then the football fan will have a impression of one kind ' act as referee and make by mistake ', and increase the negative impression on the referee , but the question is that the referee has no fault at all.

    Source(s): Dr.eye
  • 1 decade ago

    The China job stick just opened the time of match this year, take place quite a few like the affairs of miscarriage of justice, this lets many miscarriage of justice the square fan is rather angry, tossing garbage to protest against in the stadium, also attempting to paralyze to compete.As for do not go to the fan of scene, then get to the Internet pain scold assize, have a roll call particular assize to want him to be responsible for, want him to resign, even make use of a ball game to turn to sow of the fan Call-In chance, come out to come to protest against to query with not in fact related player, news anchor.

    If because judge wrong change rightness, have to change verdict towards correcting mistake, in fine, and attack assize, this probably is should scold of right.But didn't change verdict sometimes, the assize also receives scolding as usual, for example say the assize has no miscarriage of justice, but correct verdict, but bowl out or not look too close, so verdict after disadvantageous of a square certainly have a protest, then the fan will have a kind of impression of"is not an assize to get mistake", but increase to the negative impression of assize, problem is judge basically have no wrong.

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