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(麻煩大家幫幫忙 盡量用簡單英文去翻譯 不需要太注重文法 謝謝:D)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    If does someone ask me to say what flower I like most ?

    I will say with him I the rose is most favorite

    Because the rose has special charm to deeply attract me

    Rose that special and charming flavor lets me infatuate

    So even the balms all choose to use to have rose ethereal oil

    It will send forth the romantic flavor of the rose grace

    The aroma is charming to hold out for long time

    Seem to immerse a body in rose flower nursery

    Be filled with a pleased heel enthusiasm

    Let the person think to flutter and dance along with the flower petal

    In the life I the most expectant matter

    BE take a shower

    Because I use of the body wash also all has relation with rose

    When that fragrant aroma let the person remind of one-time imperial concubine to bathe

    Spread in pool son full rose flower petal

    And I immerse a body to enjoy a rich and honored sort to take a bath therein

    The fatigue not only removing a whole day to accumulate

    The skin delicacy of the whole body also made is smooth, having flexibility more

    And my skin care products also mostly all uses rose series

    Because rose water owns the effect that liberal hydration moistens

    Can make the skin reply the soft and tender delicacy of smooth and like infant's sort

    More deserve a is I love most of rose tea

    The rose tea not only can promote blood circulation,

    Still have already accepted Lian with strong effect,

    Past can improve to suffer from insomnia, remove fatigue.

    Female's drinking rose tea can also adjust through, live blood and keep and improve looks.

    To sum it up is the rose the most beautiful and the most outstanding flower seed in the all flowers

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  • 1 decade ago

    If people ask me what kind of flower is my favorite.

    I would tell the person that my favorite would be the roses.

    Because roses have a kind of passion that allure me.

    The unique smell from the roses have always appeal to me.

    Therefore, I even choose the rose kind of essence oil as an aromatic.

    It spreads the room with a smell of elegance and romance from the roses.

    The divine smell that enchants people lasts.

    As if being soaked in the garden full of roses.

    Filled with delightful and enthusiastic atmosphere.

    Leads people into the thought of swaying with the flower petals in a dance.

    In life, the thing that I look forward to doing the most

    would be taking a shower.

    Because I bath with rose soaps.

    That odorous smell reminds me of the bathing scene of the emperor's wife

    The tub would be spreaded with rose petals

    I would be just like those most-high women, being drenched in the same kind of water

    Not only the tiredness from the whole day would be forgotten

    My skin that stretches throughoutly my body would become smoother with a great range of flexibility

    Most of my facials are made out of roses

    Because the water with roses preserves the moisture in the skin

    That makes the skin smooth and delicate, as the one one a newborn child

    Another thing that I cherish would be the rose tea

    the tea can not only speed up the blood circulation

    but also strenghening the body

    improving the condition of being not able to sleep and soarness.

    For women, rose tea benefits the body when periods come, and beautifies their facial.

    As a result, roses are the most delicate and elegant among all the different kinds of flowers.

    在剛開始時,你都沒用時麼標點符號,所以我有些就用具號,但是後來又好像有些句子是要連在一起的....反正我那一段一段的是照著底中文切的,所以有些前面如果不應該有據點的話 或應該要小寫的話(因為我每句前面都大寫)就把它改一下吧...


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  • 1 decade ago

    If someone asked me what my favorite flower?

    I told him my favorite is Rose

    Because Rose has a unique charm to attract me deeply

    Rose unique charm that I am fascinated by the smell

    So even with aromatic rose oil is the choice

    It will be distributed to the smell of roses elegant romantic

    Charming lasting aroma

    Baptist body like in the Rose garden

    Full of joy with the enthusiasm

    As people want to dance and sway the petals

    In the life of the things I am most looking forward to

    Is a bath

    I used the shower because milk also told the roses

    Kind fragrant aroma reminiscent of the past when the Royal Bathing

    Chi wrote a rose petal yard

    Baptist and I are in which to enjoy the rich as Paocao

    Not only eliminate the cumulative fatigue all day

    Also detailed systemic skin smooth, more flexible

    I also for the maintenance of the majority of the series with Rose

    Rose has excellent water because of the effect of moisture nourishes

    Restore the skin as smooth as baby's suppleness and meticulous

    More worthy of the one that is my favorite tea roses

    Rose tea not only promote blood circulation,

    Convergence and have strong effects

    They can be used to improve sleep and eliminate fatigue.

    Rose women drink tea can also Tiaojing, activating blood circulation and Skin Beauty.

    All in all rose flowers is the most pleasure in the flowers of the best

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