Should we ban the Confederate flag?

I lived in worcester mass most my life.We moved to the south 13 years ago and i have friends that are rednecks,And they love there flag.So whats the big deal..

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    The Confederate flag is a part of American history. It has been misused by radical idiots that have no idea of what that flag actually stood for. The most common of the Confederate flags is the battle flag(stars and bars). That flag was only the battle flag, not the national flag. I can see why some folks are offended by the Confederate flag, but if you study history, you'll see where the Civil War was not fought over just slavery. What the war was fought over was basically money, taxation without representation. Many feel that Lincoln was dishonest, not honest abe. The north set prices of southern crops, not the farmer in the south. The south succeeded because they were fed up with the tyranny out of the north an dc. Slavery existed in the north. The emancipation proclamation only freed slaves in the eleven southern states, and two border states, not slaves in the north. To answer you question, the Confederate flag must not be banned. What should be banned is idiots like the klan misusing the flag for their own twisted agenda.

    • Anthony5 years agoReport

      This is simply false. While there were reasons why Southerns felt Northern business interests were cattered to over their own, many wealthy slaveowners (<10% of Southern pop.) were the richest people in America. Controlling the legislatures, they seceded, and galvanized the masses to save slavery.

  • 4 years ago

    first of all i'm black. second, the confederate flag and meanings are different from person to person. I understand why a black girl (i'm assuming she is black) would want this to be banned. THe reason why maybe from a long time ago back in pre and post civil war. That was a long time ago and i think its time to move on and focus on more things like why martin luther king died and why we are should be thankful for being able to go school and not have to sit in the back of a bus anymore. I live in arkansas and before that mississippi and i love living in the south and to me thats what i associate the confederate flag with not anything negative. I know white guys that i went to school with and even today all the wear is confederate flag t-shirts and cowboy boots and are just country to their heart...and their cool *** hell! Every person I guess associates that damn flag to many things....its 2006..think positive and lets all get out of the only holds us back! Its refreshing to see a little girl take on a big issue and challenge someone and has caused quite a stir. I hope all goes well with her and what she stands for ya know.....voicing her opinion and trying to change can't knock her for that!

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    4 years ago

    talking about being racist.. just something to think about

    ..I believe its wrong how some individuals become RACIST when problems against there nationality arise.

    for instance..

    if someone did a racist act while wearing a Mexican or American FLAG.. and it made headlines.. does that mean we would also have to BAN those particular FLAGS as well? the confederate flag was a BATTLE FLAG.. meaning.. it was not created as a threat or to symbolize SLAVERY in any way shape or form! it just happened to be within that timeline era therefore given a bad name when "certain" problems occurred.

    as far as the war itself..more WHITE indiviuals gave there lives during the civil war than blacks. and yes.. blacks served together with the whites.. they all FOUGHT THAT WAR TOGETHER. I personally feel CRITISIM towards the confederate flag is A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

    this just goes to show us all.. white,black,hispanic,chinese..AND SO ON..

    apparently, RACISM cannot and willnot EVER be overcome.

    RACIST? hows this.. its almost an act of RACISIM to take away our heritage.. the CONFEDERATE FLAG!

    sounds like everyones being racist towards the WHITES if u ask me.

    when a blacks kill whites... seems like.. no big deal. when whites kill blacks.. OH HELL.. RACE CARD!

    whats up with that?

    the EnD

  • The Confederate flag should not be banned. I am black (oops, African-American) and I live in the south. I know the history of the civil war and have been proudly waving the "battle flag most of my life. Just because a few ignorant folks wave it in hate doesn't mean we should ban it.

    It's a reminder if the Government gets too heavy handed again, The South will rise again!


    Brother Reggie

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  • No, it's just a part of southern heritage. The confederate flag or the rebel flag means different things to everyone. Part of America is to be able to have the freedom to display what you wish, the flag itself is nothing bad. It's the idiots who use it for racial meanings.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Confederate flag is a part of history which is important to those of us who live in the South. There is no big deal and if we wish to display it as a symbol of our past, so be it! I don't do it with hatred toward anyone but it does remind me of the hardships we've endured to get where we are.

  • 1 decade ago

    If I still live in the south and some Worcester city person move in and called me a redneck, it'd be on like donkey kong.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's a big deal to some people because of what it is tied to.

    But no, it shouldn't be banned. People have the right to love it and people have the right to hate it.

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    No no no. It shouldn't be banned. As long as people wear it because they're proud of their heritage and they're not trying to be hateful or ignorant. It's a pretty flag.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, that flag has different meaning for different people and those who choose to display the flag should be free to do so and there's nothing wrong with it, that's what America is all about.

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