Hot actors?

Hey this is my list!What are your add on's or opinions to my choices?Basically who are your hotties?

My List :) *=really hottt

Michael Weatherly* is known for his role on NCIS and for some Dark Angel.

Patrick Dempsey is known for his role on grey's anatomy and the movie Enchanted.

Nathan Fillion plays a husband on desperate housewives and stars in the movie Waitress.

Matt Damon* well known from the bourne movies and Oceans 13.

Mark Wahlberg* had a role in the movie Four Brothers and my fave SHOOTER.

Tim Daly* stars on Private Practice on abc.

James Denton* stars on desperate housewives

Dennis Leary known as a comedian and has the leading role on Rescue Me.

Johnathon Schaech* stars in the movie Road House 2.

Paul Walker* known for his role in The fast and the furious.

Bryan Greenberg stars in October road.

Justin Chambers known for his role On Grey's anatomy.

Vin Diesel stars in the movie XxX and The fast and the furious.


Google my guys such as Michael Weatherly and Tim Daly and you will be in heaven! :)

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    Hugh Jackman -X-Men, The Fountain, Scoop, Van Helsing, etc.

    Brendan Fraser - School Ties, With Honors, George of the Jungle, Blast from the Past, The Mummy, etc.

    Nathan Fillion - Firefly, Serenity, Drive, Blast from the Past, Waitress, etc.

  • ♥Orlando Bloom

    ♥Johnny Depp

    ♥Patrick Dempsey

    ♥Eric Dane

    ♥John Krasinski

    ♥Chad Michael Murray

    ♥Paul Walker

    ♥Ryan Phillipe

    ♥Jake Gyllenhaal

    ♥Hugh Laurie

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    I have to agree with the first answer of James Dean, the man was absolutely gorgeous. But for today's actors I'm going to have to go with:

    Keanu Reeves who is best known for his role in the Matrix

    Josh Lucas (from Stealth) because he looks so much like Paul Newman (an old school actor who is the hottest man to walk the earth)

    Also Joaquin Phoenix from Walk the Line and his late (but great) brother River Phoenix

    And James Franco because his smile can make any girl melt and he looks like James Dean's love child

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    1 decade ago

    My top two are: 1. Vin Diesel and

    2. Terrance Howard

    However, I'm now watching Showtimes' "The Tudors" and Jonathan Rhys Meyers is very sexy in the part of Henry the VIII. Not the typical image, but very captivating. Can you image how history would have changed it the real Henry VIII looked like Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

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    Orlando Bloom

    Justin Timberlake (Yes, he's an actor too. LOL He's in the movie 'Alpha Dog'.)

    Chad Michael Murray

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Brad Pitt

    Paul Walker

    Mark Wahlberg

    Matthew McConaughey

    I have more, but I can't think of all of them right now. ♥

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    1 decade ago

    Brad Pitt is king followed closely by Johnny Depp, I look like Chad Michael Murray what's so hott about him?

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    i don't like your list. no offence but just sayin.

    MY hotties are.....

    Ashton Kutcher- Kelso off of "That 70's Show"

    Jessie off of Dude Where's my car

    Frank Iero- Guitarist of the band My Chemical Romance

    Bam Margera- Off of the show " Jack*ss, Viva La Bam, and

    Bam's Unholy union

    Nick Simmons- Son of Gene Simmons

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    1 decade ago

    Hey, you forgot Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic!

    I'm sure they're others on my list, but I am too tired to think right now lol.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Chad michael murray, and criss angel- he ACTS like some of his tricks are real.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i love...

    Orlando bloom

    Milo Ventimiglia

    Matt de Angelo

    n corbin bleu!!!

    i think there all soo hot!!!

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