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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

My birthdayy pool party (in 6 months yah ik but im bored and i need help)?

Ok well in june (haha ik how far away it is but i have nothing to do so i have some questions.

Im having a pool party that will have about 25 guys and 25 girls. Everybody will be 13 some 12. I have a pool in my backyard and a lake. So I was thinking I would have my dad buy more fishing poles and anyone can fish in the lake or swim in the pool. We'd have pizzza (how many would i need to order???). And yes im going to burn like 5 cds to listen to during the partyy. Im also going to put up a volleyball net in the backyard and have a beach ball to hit around.

Okay so all of my questions are...

1. How many pizzas?

2. How can I keep people intertained the whole party?

3. How long should the party be?I want it to go at least partly into the night (7) so maybe like 4:30-7? im not sure so help.

4. Will my parents (ughhhh) need to supervise or do you think we can handle our selves and they can stay inside??

5. What will i need to buy (food, games, and decorations.?



first person who answered- omg i hate fishing i just think it might be something the guys might like but if u think tat we wont need it then thats great

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. I think about 10 Large or 8...

    2. Swimming, Volleyball, Dance Party, Smores (yummy), Sledding on the grass...haha kidding, Bonfire, You should like, rent one of those moonwalk thingys or a trampoline or something..., FIREWORKS! ( << illegal?)

    3. 6:30- 9

    4. From the inside of the house incase someone gets hurt or something or atleast up on the deck so they can like, watch over without being down there..

    5. Maybe rent something...? Pizza and pop and WATER and chips and stuff.... but we need to eat last so we dont get sick from swimming. We need balloons and CONFETTI!

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. like 10, trust me that will maybe survive.

    2. Just hang out have fun and talk to everyone, keep them going from pool to vball.

    3. like 4:30 to 10:00 or 4:30 to 8:30 or your time

    4. 13 and 12 ummm lol u cant handle but say u can lol, im 14 and we cant hanle our selves!

    5.DRINKS! SODA! Okay, cups, plates, napkins, beach ball, volleyball, floats in the pool,

    my opinion: Yall are interested in fishing. sorry but i cant see yall fishing at a party, i would crank the tunes swim, play volleyball, swim.

    Games: Catagory: one person is it and is on one sid of the pool, she yells a catagory like dogs. The player think of a breed like rotweiler, golden retriever, while your underwater. When ther ready u say a dog, like Rottweiler and then u race who ever has that to the otherside. Losers it

    Cannanball contest: Have a contest whoever can make the biggest splash. (buy some scoreboards and keep tallies0

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  • 1 decade ago


    yes it is for the guys, but a bunch of 13 year old guys with fishing pole down by a lake? BAD IDEA!


    1. try to calculate around 4-5 slices per person, then depending what pizza place you get it from, find how many slices per pizza.

    2. KEEP THE CONVERSATION UP!!! some of the best pool parties ive been to has just been the girls talking by the pool listening to music (keep volume to an average - not too loud). sooooo,, you and the girls can be chatting by the pool listening to music while you can also watch the guys being fools playing volleyball or dunking each other in the poool...

    = awesome atmosphere.

    3. id say 4 - 8


    nothing is more annoying then when your at a party when we are clearly old enough to know not to be in the deep end or watever when we cant swim, and the parents are hanging around! pluss if your parents are around the whole time you might not be able to get a bday kiss from a special guy :P

    5. keep it simple! dont go and buy over the stuff expensive games or decorations cos then you'll probs just be worrying about them the whole time.

    have fun :D

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