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Do you find it alarming that 30% percent of federal prisoners in US prisons are not U.S. citizens?


Steve, I agree with you. Prison should be for violent offenders... I have no idea why we have drug-addicts in prison... They aren't hurting anyone, unless they commit a crime to support their habit. (But that's a different issue.)

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    Bureau of Justice Statistics


    December 2007, NCJ 219416

    U.S. Department of Justice

    Office of Justice Programs

    Prisoners in 2006

    "Black men represented the largest proportion of sentenced

    male inmates at year end 2006 (38%); white men made up

    34%; and Hispanic men, 21%." (page 7)

    Probation and Parole Statistics

    "At the end of 2006..."

    "Approximately 55% of the adults on probation were white, 29% were black, and 13% were Hispanic. Forty-one percent of parolees were white, 39% black, and 18% were Hispanic."

    Demographic trends in jail populations

    Jail populations by race and ethnicity, 1990-2006

    "2006--- 336,600-White non-Hispanic--- 296,000-Black non-Hispanic---119,200-Hispanic of any race"


    Above are the links (U.S. Bureau of Justice), if you want to discredit them provide your links to your credible source.


    The second link you posted show the the New Century Foundation report uses facts and figures from the Dept. of Justice and other sources to give their own factual opinion. Other than their being paid and the publicity they receive, it is nothing more than what you and I are doing here.

    The first link is a pdf from New Century Foundation and it does what I've said in the above. This pdf is on the American Renaissance web site. It is a magazine published by the New Century Foundation that available in both written and electronic subscriptions. The American Renaissance site is here.

    You'll have to form your own opinon for the site and the founder Jared Taylor, who is its current president. Mr Taylor has some interviews that are found on the left hand side of the page.

    I apologize all posters for my carrying on. I will end my opinion here and say that my email is open.

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    It's a huge problem, but the government would rather spend time and money with endless investigations instead of passing any real, substantial legislation. And the president won't enforce the law or secure the border.

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    No, it's not surprising at all. There are 30 million illegal immigrants in the US and they aren't allowed to work to make a living. What else are they going to do? They have to get food on the table one way or another. Perhaps if they were allowed to make money legitimately they wouldn't start trading drugs and joining gangs in order to get some income.

    Note that I am not advocating letting them work, I'm just throwing out a potential reason for your statistic.

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    Keep in mind you are talking about FEDERAL prisoners which constitute only a portion of the national prison population. It may be more understandable when considering that illegals are more likely to be held on federal charges (primarily drug related). Considering the number of people incarcerated for state felonies - robbery, assault, murder, etc.) illegals make up only a very small percentage of those imprisoned in this country. I'm not trying to defend illegals by any means. Just trying to keep things in perspective.

    Source(s): Per Bureau of Federal Prison reports as of December 2006 there were 2,258,983 persons in Federal, State or Local prisons. Federal prisoners totaled 199,924 - or less than 10% of those incarcerated in the US.
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    There are currently over 400,000 unaccounted for illegal alien criminals with outstanding deportation orders. Those are just the ones apprehended. At least one fourth of these are hard core criminals. Nobody knows how many more there are, but they are numerous and roaming your neighborhoods, preying on you and your family.

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    No. It is the group of criminals that came when they found the border open that I worry about. Far to many of those were from countries that are hostile... but rich. Those illegal aleins are bloody dangerous as all get out. Those illegal aliens will kill us.

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    Can you believe that the Mexico government is setting there prisoners free and sending them here ??

    Stop the north america union and remember your Second amendment !!!!!

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    If we built a double-fence along the entire Mexican border to keep them out(as already exists and has proven effective along 18 miles of San Diego), they wouldn't be here to be arrested and crowd our prisons.

    The fence would more than pay for itself in savings of health care benefits, crimes, imprisonment, welfare, and unpaid hospital bills of illegals it would prevent illegals from being here to collect.

    95% of the 1,200 outstanding warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegals who have committed their crimes and then fled back to Mexico.

    Two thirds of the 17,000 outstanding felony warrants in L.A are issued for illegals.

    Roughly 12,000 of the 20,000-strong 18th-Street Gang that operates in Southern California, are illegals.

    Roughly 75% of the gang-members in California are illegals.

    And yet police and other city workers are not even allowed to ask these thugs about their immigration status in L.A., because of its "sanctuary city" status (i.e., it is a crime for police or other city employees to detain illegals, or report illegals to immigration authorities.)


    Chief Wachusa's statistics (above) mask the fact that as a PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION, blacks and hispanics commit a much higher ratio of crimes than whites.

    Blacks are about 13% of total U.S. population.

    Hispanics are about 15% of total U.S. population.

    Asians are less than 2%.

    So while whites (70% of the population) have higher total numbers of inmates, as a ratio of total white population, blacks and hispanics commit a higher ratio of crimes, relative to the total population of their ethnic groups.

    Also, hispanics are the highest percentage of inmates among IMMIGRANTS, primarily those from Mexico and Central America.

    The articles I cite likewise quote annual statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice.

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    i did not see any references on the CNN link, that is just here say. they majority of prison pop. is drug related Americans

    that are there for non violent crimes.!!t not to sound arrogant because i am sincere here, want references email me. hint(

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    whats more disturbing is most prisoners in the USA are black.

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