Why does Andre Champagne give me a headache the next day?

It doesnt happen with any other cava or sparkling wine or champagne.

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    too much sugar,the best champagnes are dry,the lower the quality of wine the more residual sugar they allow to remain

    in finished product.french champagne like Dom or Crystal are very,very,dry,that's why some people on trying the luxury brands say they didn't like it ,or it tasted horrible.low,low sugar content

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    Champagne Headache

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    Why does Andre Champagne give me a headache the next day?

    It doesnt happen with any other cava or sparkling wine or champagne.

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    I agree with deigratiaamen. André is perfect if you're watching your pennies (P.S. it's not a champagne, it's a sparkling wine.) If you're on a budget try St. Hilaire Brut or Extra Dry. It's a very cost effective champagne. There is really no reason to save something like André for a special event. Most low end restaurants don't even serve stuff that shoddy. I recommend you guys splurge for something better to serve on a special occassion.

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    Andre Alcohol

  • Pontac
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    1 decade ago

    Andre is not Champagne, neither is it made by the champagne method.

    It is cheap crap, and with wine as with anything, you get what you pay for. If you pay $5 for a bottle that pretends to be 'champagne' you get what you pay for.

    Next time you but sparkling wine either get Champagne (i.e. from France) or a sparkling wine that doesn't steal the name 'champagne'

    allthecleverusernamesa... -- there is no need to copy and paste a thousand words from another site, just give the link like this http://www.diseasesconditions.com/Hangover/info.ht... And credit the writer/site for itt.

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  • Vic
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    1 decade ago

    Andre isn't known to be one of the "better" champagnes... save yourself a headache and drink the good stuff. And always have something to eat first.

    *Please drink responsibly*

    Happy New Year!

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with Mare -- it's the cheap stuff, and there's no telling what they mixed with the grapes for volume.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its a cheaper make, the grapes settle heavier, and with the carbonation it will give you a pounding headache

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    1 decade ago

    Now you know which bottle ladies are supposed to only

    hand swing at the big steel bow of ships being launched.

    Why waste better?

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