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just a couple ?'s?

ok i just got dne waching national treasure. i was wondering if diane krueger and nicholas cage r married? (not to eachother obvisly) and if they have kids. and does diane krueger sing?

i was just wondering.

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    yeah, nicolas cage is married to a woman named alice kim, and they have one kid together named, kal-el. And he has another son from a previous relationship, named weston. diane kruger is not married, she's dating joshua jackson (from dawson's creek) and i don't think that she has done any professional singing over here in america, she's from germany and i know she used to date orlando bloom's best friend, andre schneider, and he sings so maybe she did some singing in Germany, before she started modeling, but i don't know about anything official. Nick Cage's cousins, Jason & Robert Schwartzman both sing. Robert is in the LA based band, Rooney and Jason used to play drums in a band called Phantom Planet, and released a solo album on myspace last year.

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