do u know the function of the mountains` miracle???

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serious answers only!:) want 2 know how many of u knew this plz..


robert: I disagree with u .there r international confrences held to discuss

many scientific facts discovered in the 20th century mentioned in the Quran. check this one

and also check Dr.Keith Moore`s book (The Developing Human 3rd edition with Islamic additions)

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Dr.Moore is a non-muslim. yet he lectures about embryology in Quran and testifys that such microscopic knowledge(which r only discovered 30 yrs ago by modern microscopes)could`ve never been man made and only the Creator knew them 14th century ago..

Update 2:

this is the 3rd link again

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    1 decade ago
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    there is no doubt that all holy books contain so much facts and data that we overlook them. for those who wants to believe it they do so without any qualifications. for those who dont, they say its allegory, metaphorical, parable etc. its hard to say or see which is which.

    we think holybooks are special ones that deserve great attention and respect. its beyond the comprehension of our small mind. god as some say is the unknowable essence. hence lets not waste too much time to understand him. probably thats the line of separation from creator to 'createe'. lets leave it at that. what is more urgent is the unity of the human race, and peace in all the regions so as to achieve an ever-advancing civilization.

    the quran also contain verses on jesus which are not found in the bible. thats interesting as how cld the christian scholars have missed it as it relates to something very very important on christ.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, I was aware of the concepts of continental drift and the movements of the earth's plates.

    I was unaware of the verses in the Quran. But, having now been exposed to them, I find no correlation between the phraseology in that holy book and the scientific musings about this subject.

    I think that we need to consider the Quran quotes as metaphorical and metaphysical musings, rather than as statements of scientific fact.

    Faith and science do not rely on the same evidence precepts.

    But, that is just my personal opinion. I respect other views on this subject.

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