Is West Syndrome (infantile spasms) hereditary?

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  • shawn
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    1 decade ago
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    A family history of infantile spasms is uncommon but as many as 17% of patients may have a family history of any epilepsy.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i'm apprehensive my son would desire to be experiencing those as properly. I videotaped them and a pair of neurologists watched them and stated they have been "conventional toddler movements." They presented to do an EEG besides, which we are having completed the next day, because of fact I nevertheless think of the movements look suspicious and seem to persist with a development and that i'm already apprehensive approximately another aspects of my son's progression. remember to have an EEG completed. they are asserting in many situations, an abnormality on the EEG (stated as hypsarrythmia) would ensue whether the toddler does not have a spasm during the try. ideally it could be maximum precise in the event that they DO have a spasm during the try because of fact then you certainly do not could contemplate whether the abnormality is there, yet merely performing during the spasms. The neurologist warned me that the EEG would desire to doubtlessly nevertheless supply a common result whether they are infantile spasms, so this is complicated beause i think like we are going to pass during the try to that i could nevertheless be apprehensive besides. Is your son coming up many times in any different case? Has he shown a loss of any skills he has already gained? be happy to touch me by way of my profile in case you prefer to talk greater - i could decide directly to hearken to your result. stable luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    The best I could tell from the Drs that treated my son was no. They did, however, do a pretty good work up of both my and his mothers family histories to be sure. The best explanation I got for the cause was a possible link to the Pertussis vaccine (Careful with vaccines, read alot before pumping all this stuff into a precious little body.

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