What does it feel like to faint/having low blood pressure?

sometimes when i get up, usually after lying down, I get these dots in my vision and a weird buzz in my head. i asked about it a couple times and my friends told me thats a headrush or getting lightheaded after sitting for a while. I also just got my blood pressure checked at a physical yesterday so I looked it up (it was 90/60) and appaerntly thats bordering on low when, with a disorder, can cause fainting when one stands up. I looked up what it feels like to faint, and sure enough, those symptoms above were mentioned.

so how come I have never fainted? is that really what it feels like? and should I be worried about having a health disorder?


when i say weird kinda buzz, its like,my whole head gets a hot thorough intense buzzin that lasts like 5 seconds and I cant see at all because of the dots, or move, but it just kinda fades away

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    Your blood pressure really isn't all that low - so don't worry about the numbers too much. 90/60 is what I (and alot of people) run on a regular basis.

    You don't mention your age or level of fitness - regardless - it is not unusual to get a bit light headed when you sit up quickly from lying down. Its caused by changes in your orthostatic blood pressure, which is normal. If you are thin or a bit anemic or dehydrated then the feeling of lightheadedness can be a bit exaggerated but its not dangerous.

    You should just be careful when you jump up quickly from lying down - try sitting for a minute to let your body adjust and then stand. Or if you have been sitting - then sit up straight with your feet on the ground for a minute before you stand up.

    The feeling of fainting is more drastic - and is usually proceeded by different symptoms like feeling really hot all over, having trouble focusing your eyes, serious light headedness, feeling numb...

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    three years in the past, I was once identified - high blood pressure with a studying of a hundred and sixty/one hundred. I used to think dizzy plenty, my legs had terrible cramps, and phases had been very low in my potassium, inflicting my palms and ft to consistently cramp in combination. One day I began to think particularly faint whilst I was once riding with my daughter within the again seat and I handed out, hitting three vehicles and finishing up in a ditch. That second,I knew I needed to do anything due to the fact my meds were not operating. I heard approximately this vitamin from a buddy and suggestion I'd supply it a shot. The outcome had been amazing. In simply 21 days, I truthfully are not able to recollect feeling this well, my blood strain went from one hundred seventy five/a hundred and ten to a hundred twenty five/70.

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    I also have low blood pressure, but I've never fainted from it. I have almost fainted, felt very lightheaded etc. I think it probably takes several factors to actually faint. Some people may faint all the time, and some just don't. I'd mention it to your doctor and ask if it is something to be concerned about. But chances are that if you haven't fainted yet, its not a big deal.

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