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Whats wrong with this story Developerd Hired illegals Pay million dollars in fines So illegals pay taxes ?

A lake developer was given a suspended sentence and ordered to fork over nearly one million dollars in fines, penalties and back taxes Monday.A developer of luxury condominiums at the Lake of the Ozarks who employed as many as 30 undocumented workers was sentenced Monday on state tax charges. Michael G. Schlup, of Leawood, Kan., was sentenced by Circuit Judge Stanley Moore in a case brought by Attorney General Jay Nixon and Camden County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Icenogle.

Schlup’s businesses, Schlup Investments Inc. and Plaza Gardens on the Lake Inc., were involved in the construction of the Plaza Gardens on the Lake condominium complex located near Sunrise Beach.

Schlup was charged in April 2006 with 12 felony counts of failure to deduct Missouri employer withholding tax, one felony count of failure to file a Missouri employer withholding tax return, and one felony count of failure to pay Missouri employer withholding tax.

The fine plus penalty couldn’t possible cover the true cost of having that many illegal aliens in the area....

The full cost to taxpayers, would include the costs of educating, medicating, incarcerating, cost of expanding infrastructure and facilities to accommodate the illegal population and their families....etc, etc, etc....

Then too - the cost of those jobs being performed by illegal aliens means some citizens are out of work and on welfare....

This country needs to recognize that many of the costs of illegal aliens in the country go BEYOND financial — the greatest cost is the slow destruction of the Republic’s rule of law and the American English based culture...

This developer got off cheap — and it will remain a good business decision to hire illegal aliens for the criminally inclined developers...

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    You bring up very valid points. The biggest one is the danger it is to the Republic..not a Democratic nation. That developer should have had prison time for 20+ years for his crimes and traitorous nature against the US. Make an example out of him and stick it to him!

    Thanks for the article.

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    Until this nation fully cracks down on the people who hire the illegals, nothing will happen to stop it.

    Think everytime you shop at Wal-mart you are tacitly supporting illegal immigration. Wal-mart and many other mutlinational BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATIONS "subcontract" illegals through smaller phantom corporations that are filled with illegal immigrants. They pay these phantom companies say or 10 dollars an hour per employee. These phantom business owners then pay the illegals say 200 dollars a week (5 an hour) and keep whats left. Doesnt seem like much. But, if you own a business and have 100 illegals working for you who are only making 5 dollars an hour and you are getting pocketing the other five that means you make 500 dollars an hour. Hire a few legal workers and pay them to shut up. Now you have "Jimmy's forklift and movers."

    Your company racks in 1000 dollars an hour from walmart. 500 goes to the illegals. 50 an hour goes to 4 legitimate employees. You are pocketing 300 an hour. Some creative accounting and you look like a legitimate small business.

    This is how Wal-mart, McDonalds, Cargill and the likes screw AMERICA.

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    "Illegals Pay Taxes...."... I have a bridge, a lady statue and ashes of Elvis to sell you if YOU really believe Illegals pay taxes.

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    He should have went to prison for 30 years one year for each ILLEGAL

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    the only thing his "sentence" will do is make people trying to buy these homes pay higher prices.

    he will recoup the cost of his fines by raising the purchase price of the homes in question.

    so you see ....

    it still won't really cost him anything and the LEGAL citizens will pay it for him in the long run.

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    who's next?? didnt say what happened to the illegals. Hopefully deported

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    They're just following their "fearless" leader. Apparently he, and his family make for good examples.

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    How is it these guys never get jail time ?

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    they should penalize him the entire cost of the project. then he would think twice next time.

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