What is the current U.S. National Debt?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    From the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt, as of December 27, 2007,

    the Total Public Debt Outstanding is 9,124,016,501,555.91

    broken down as follows:

    Debt Held by the Public = 5,120,576,115,530.95

    Intragovernmental Holdings = 4,003,440,386,024.96


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    imisidro has the number right. Just to put that into perspective, since 9 trillion dollars is pretty unfathomable to most of us. That comes out to $30,112 per person (men, women, children and infants). This also comes out to $76,786 per household (given the avg household size of 2.55) . Compare this to the median U.S. income for 2006 of 48,201.

    The average income is 66,570. Basically what this means is that if everyone was able to give every dollar they earn to the government and continue making what they make for over one year we would be able to pay it off.

    This is also equivalent to more than 3 times the federal budget for 2008 and about 3.4 times the total the government expects to take in in 2008.

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