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Is it true that you win a man's heart through his stomach?

I became quit a cook.. i'm older .. I'm 17 I'm going to be married to the one i love, and i have a baby.. I became a really good cook i've been cooking full meals since i was 12... me and my fiance have a really good relationship.. he always tells me that he loves my cooking and he loves me alot.. and well he can't really cook.. everytime i make something he's always satisfied and happy.. did i get alot of the love just by cooking for him??

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please no rude coments about my age and getting married young and having a baby.. cuz people do be rude about that i do have it happen.. so please be honest with your answers .. :)


I also do all the cleaning and laundry.. he just goes to work for long hours to support us.. but i do tell him i want a job.. but he wants me to be a stay at home wife.. and mother.. we're very happy.. I give my all to him.. :)

Update 2:

please explain your answer :)

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    yeah it helps.... but food isn't everything. There is so much more!

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    Well let me tell you that i got married when i was 17 years old.Its 34 year now,and yes my husband did not want me to work he work long hours to.And i had my first baby when i was only 21 years old and then another baby at 23 year old it did not made me a better or worst mother because of my age,and the marriage at 17 did not make me to be a good or worst wife either.And let me tell you if you get married at 17 or 65 year old there is no different cause some people there marriage is still good even if they married at 17 years old and some marriage doesn't work even if you were 65 year old.And having babies or not at 17 or 65 year old well that makes no different at all.Are DESTINY is made a surtan way for every body so 17 or 65 doesn't matter if you get married.We all do mistake and we will always make mistake old or young till we die. Then if your 17 or 65 year old my sweaty,that does matter cause people will always bad talk to other.So why spent your energies negative on people that are not positive.Stay with positive people.Cause your life is yours to chose.So why worry put your energies on your marriage and your husband and your babies that you will have i am sure.Hope good luck to you and your little family.Oh yes the good cooking must play a part cause he said that he loves your cooking and he loves you a lot....don't you think it mean some thing well i guess so.Don't lose that man he seem to be a pearl and your morning sun shine.

    Source(s): Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008,health,happiness,joy,love,and what ever you wish for.I am a 50 year old mother and ooo.GOD love you i do.And i am sending lots of energies and positive thinking your way.May GOD Bless you my dear child and your husband and your little family.Take care now.By.
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    i am also 17 and a really good cook!!!

    =D i am dissapointed with most restaraunts now!xD

    i don't even use recipe books half the time anymore. i just mix it together in my head and now what the combinations of spices will end up to be.

    i've been cooking since that age too0__0

    but i don't have a kid yet and am not getting married yet. i hope you have a great wedding!!!=D

    most kids our age can't even peel an orange properly -- it's pathetic!!!

    but it is true that the way to man's heart is through his stomach...

    if you are a good cook that isXDXDXD

    and i also am into cleaning as well.

    i find it relaxing.

    well, best of luck to you!!!


    well, just explain that you would like a job.

    i suggest part time though so you can still spend time with your kid and get some other stuff done but not overwork yourself.

    good luck!!!=D

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    You seem to be an awesome woman, a great wife and a lovely mother. I admire you for what you are. :-)

    It is partially true that you can win or better, retain a man's heart through his stomach. This is not just because the food factor, but, because of the care and affection you give him. Someone who makes nice food put a lot of effort into it and it is made with a lot of care. You will be careful to make things he likes. That helps him love you more, because whatever he wants from a relation is given by you, love and care. That is why we find partners and make relations or marry, to feel being loved and cared for.

    I am happy for you. You are doing excellent and you seem to have a beautiful, loving family. I pray to God for your safety and wellbeing.

    Take care.. All the best..

    Wish you All A Very Happy and Safe New Year...

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    He is lucky to have a girl who is willing to do these things in today's society.

    I have to say that you are young for everything going on, and at the same time you sound like you have your head screwed on straight.

    I hope that you both become a wonderful couple and have a great family life together. You are a positive sign in a world filled with negative images.

    Remember to keep communication between you and your man. This is vital to a good relationship. Best of luck to you.

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    Yes its true, men like to sleep, eat, and have sex haha. He probably loves you for you, but your good cooking is a perk! lol. Esspecially if he didn't get home cooked meals when he was kid, men who grew up on mac & cheese seem to really like home cooked meals. He probably wants to make sure you feel apprciated too since you stay home with the baby and cook and clean. A lot of men take advantage, so I wouldn't worry about while the compliments are flowing. Its when he stops saying how good your cooking is that you give him a kick in the rear lol.

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    It sounds like you are taking good care of his heart, stomach, and all the other vital parts. I would say you are both very lucky.

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    To a certain extent, it is true, up until you feed them so much, and they gain so much weight, it cuts off circulation to their brains and they run off with another woman. Up until then, he is happy to let you do it "ALL". . .

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    ya thats my mother told me but i can see to my friends even they give and do their best to there husband still they look another its useless...even u do ur best all important dont forget to take care of urself be beautiful always...godbless...

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    yes it is true

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