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i'm looking for a public high school around tacoma, seattle, bellevue that would help me to go to ivy league

As my family just moved into Washington state, we're looking for a school. We moved to Tacoma(north) area, but couldn't find a suitable school. I'd like the school to have variety of extracurriculars or some type of sports but basically, I am looking for a public high school that would help me to go to ivy league school.

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    Hello, Your best bet is to check out Curtis High School in University Place, They have been well known as being a top rated public high school and has the best chances into going into Ivy League. They have also been world renowned as best sports, and academic classes.

    Source(s): I went there for High school in 2005 and got into Harvard very easy.
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    even although i could propose staying in college and be homeschool as a supplement, I dont' think of your odds are very much decreased. stating which you made this determination on account which you had to artwork to help help your self could be a clever flow on purposes and essays. remember that AP instructions and involvement in golf equipment do no longer precisely positioned you on the terrific of the ivy league lists they simply provide you an incredibly small danger. i could stay in public college so as which you would be able to compete in academic contests and golf equipment at national stages. which will help you plenty countless AP instructions 0.5 the graduating classification of the country is taking besides.

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