how would i find out the value of an amos 'n' andy autographed copy of a radio show from 1935.?

Its a program from the original amos n andy radio episode. Its called "Amos' Wedding" Its apparently autographed by them.

how will i find the value? p.s. Great condition!

I also have a book called "Near and Far from the 1890's. It was printed in Germany

Its a scriptured text book.

The name Castell Brothers, London; E.C. is also written on it.

Please let me know how to get a value of these very old books.?

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    Contact Bauman Rare books. They have a website. They are used to dealing with signed material and verifying signatures an antique dealer or used book seller has no way of verifying signatures and therefore you will get ripped off. You need a professional expert. Bauman also buys material and they place a full page ad in every Sunday's NY Times book section offering items like this for sale. This is too rare an item to take to an ordinary antique dealer. This has historical significance. Go to Bauman.


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    The value is really based on how much people will pay for it, so the first step would be checking an auction site like ebay. This exact item may not be listed, but you could search for similar items.

    Another thing to try is asking a used bookseller or an antique dealer. They would know a lot more about the market for such items and how much they could potentially sell for. In some cases, dealers might purchase the item from you for resale, but I would get a few opinions before committing to a sale price.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

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    Hard to say. You could take it to local antique shows, antique shops or anything that had to do with antiques to get it appraised!

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