is there a free online tutoring site for geometry.?

i am having some major trouble with 45-45-90's, when it comes to finding the legs. same with the 30-60-90's. and simplifying radicals are literally killing me. i just cant seem to get the jist of how to solve these. i need to see how they are solved in the diffrent varaitions such as in radicals or squared or just numbers.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I tutor students in mathematics online and I enjoy helping people with any type of math problem they have. If you are looking for some good resources, I would recommend since they explain the topics you mentioned [Geometry] and Algebra I and II very well in great amounts of detail.

    Also, just do a general search and I'm sure you will find many resources out there. Another good place to try is since there were lots of videos that other people have posted that explain these concepts. Sometimes hearing the concepts out aloud helps the students understand and comprehend what's going on! It's almost like having your teacher/tutor at home!


    I hope that helps you out! Please let me know if you have any specific questions for me!



    Source(s): College Calculus Student ; Math Tutor on AIM
  • 1 decade ago

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