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Is 20,000euro enough to live in Madrid?

Hello, I've been offered a job in Madrid paying 20,000euro per year. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is enough to live on, plus paying rent and everything else?

Would it get me an appartment in a nice area? Does anyone know where the bad/poorer areas are? I also don't speak spanish, am I going to struggle with language differences? I would probably learn Spanish but at the beginning I'd imagine its going to be really hard.

Thank for your help!


It is 20,000 before tax, worked it out that it would be about 1,200 euro a month

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    Is the 20.000 before or after taxes?

    Even if beeing after paying taxes it looks to my opinion a bit few....

    Edit 1200 Euro by month is not enough life will be hard and you will have to be very carefull spending your money.I would say it is not impossible if you find a cheap place to live try sharing the apartement with a flatmate eg.But it is not very fun living with that...

    For the language problem it is hard for me to judge that as I understand spanish good and spek it fairly well.So rarely use another language and so can not tell wether it is easy or not.

    But anyway I would recomand you learning some spanish before going there.

    Source(s): Native German traveled Spain often
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    I´m sorry to say this, but 1.200 euros a month is not much, especially in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The euro currency has risen the costs of living considerably in every EU member country!

    I´m sure you will not get an apartment in any nice area of Madrid. Maybe you could negotiate with your future employer, if they could get you a good apartment in some rather good area of Madrid, that would be a good idea!

    The younger Spanish people speak English, but what I´ve experienced the older ones do not speak English so much, if any!

    Good Luck!

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    SPAIN is not as united states, there is a better quality of life, so you don´t worry about the apartment, there are thousands of offices that will help you find your house.

    As to what the salary is at 1666 euros a month, the normal are 1500. The language: there are a lot of english people

    and there are a lot of free courses

    Poor areas are: carabanchel alto, carabanchel bajo

    Rich areas are: majadahonda, gran via, Puerta del Sol and the center.

    the normal prize of a apartament is 200.000 euros ( in all of europe)



    60% Spanish People

    15% hispanic / latin people (colombian, mexican etc.)

    10% English people

    10% black people

    5% Polish People

    don´t worry

    Source(s): I am from madrid
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    you can prepare to pay 35-50 000 euros for small 20 m2 appartment in any south european union area. close to some bigger city...price is more close to 100 000

    Source(s): european
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    1 decade ago

    forget about it, with 1200 € a month don't even dream of an apartment in a 'nice ' area... if i were you maybe i'd think of one in the suburbs...

    Then think abt food u'll pay, transportation, clothes, all your taxes.... in my opinion you won't be able to make it with that money...except u get a 2nd job ...

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