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2. 保安風險




a. 於活動前呼籲參加者不要帶過量的重要物品進場

b. 加強保安職員巡邏

c. 會場內增設閉路電視系統監察,並張貼”場內設有閉路電視系統”等字句,作警嚇之用

d. 聯絡警方,申請要求警員在場恊助巡邏

3. 動物風險




a. 安排醫生、獸醫、資深犬隻訓練員、漁農署職員駐場

b. 呼籲所有參加者及其犬隻應與其他參加犬隻保特距離

c. 比賽以外時間,應為其犬帶上口罩

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    2. Public security risk

    Exist risk:The person flows many places, usually become the target of burglar

    Be subjected to influence a person to serve:All who attend

    Turn down a risk method:

    a. Appealed to attend ago in the activity to don't want to bring the important article of surfeit into the field

    b. Strengthen public security an employee to patrol

    c.Increase to establish television networks system to inspect inside assembly hall, and paste up "establish television networks system inside field" to wait for phrases, make Jing to frighten it use

    d. Contact a police, apply for to request police present?Help to patrol

    3. Animal risk

    Exist risk:Movable an among thoseses program is the dog dog clothing game, in under special environment influence, dog will appear probably abnormal or lose control of behavior, for example(assault other take part in a game dog or attend)

    Be subjected to influence a person to serve:All who attend and it dog

    Turn down a risk method:

    a. Arranging the doctor, vet, experienced dog trains a member, fishing agriculture an office an employee to halt a field

    b. Appealing all who attend and its dog should with other attend dog to protect to be apart from especially

    c.Compete outside time, should bring up the mouth-muffle for its dog

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