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徵英文高手幫忙翻譯 20點!!

請英文高手幫我翻譯下面文章!能夠口語化一點最好!請不要用翻譯軟體直接翻~因為是期末報告>< 謝謝!!


成功 自己定義

掌握自己的人生 痛快的活出人生 不屈就於安排好的道路 即使跌跌撞撞也要走出自己的一片天

這就是年輕世代對未來的自主性 不再認為規規矩矩的讀書 就業 才能有好的出路 他們的想法很不一樣 他們的未來有無限可能

ex1 歌手張懸 雖是政治名人的女兒 但為了圓夢離開家庭庇護 經歷15年的家庭革命與拮据無助的經濟在今年六月他成功推出了專輯

這個例子 讓我們知道年輕的一代已經不再受世俗價值的觀念 對他們而言 學歷 權力不一定最重要 重要的是

想要做什麼 又該如何去做 即使過程艱苦 或者 違背傳統 但是堅持達成自己的目標 就是他們成功的定義 自己的人生

自己做決定 愈來愈多年輕人開始用顛覆的方式活出自我

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    Succeed Oneself definition

    Grasp one's own life Delighted work appears in life Do not condescend to take this post in the good road of the arrangement Even doddering along will walk out on one's own a slice of day

    This is independence to the future of young generation No longer think well-behaved reading Employment There could be good outlets Their idea is very different Their future is possible limitlessly

    Ex1 singer Zhang is dangerous Although is the political celebrity's daughter But left the family to shelter in order to interpret a dream Go through family revolution with short of money helpless economy for 15 year he succeed in special edition of putting out in will it be June this year

    This example Let us know a young generation has already no longer received the idea of the value of common customs As to them Education Power might not be the most important The more important thing is

    What is wanted to do How to do Even the course is arduous Or Violate the tradition But insist on reaching one's own goal The definition that they succeed One's own life

    Make the decision by oneself More and more young people begin to produce oneself in living way that is subverted

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    Succeeding oneself defines

    Control an own life to live life to heart's content unyielding even fall to bump to also want to come out in the arrangement good road for a slice of day of oneself

    This is the young generation to no longer think the polite studying employment can have good exit their viewpoints to the future independence very different they will have an infinite possibility in the future

    Ex 1 singer piece hang though political person of daughter but for interpretting dream to leave family asylum to experience a family revolution and the Jie Ju helpless economy for 15 years in this June him to announce an album successfully

    This example's letting us know younger generation's hasing already no longer been subjected to the idea of common customs value an educational background power is no longerthe not necessarily the most important to them BE

    Want to do what how should do again process hardship's disobeying tradition but persistence to reach an own target perhaps even is them succeed of define an own life

    Oneself does to decide the more and more young men start using the way of[with] subversion to live ego






    Ex1 の歌手張懸だが政治の有名人の娘しかし円夢は今年六月に彼は成功していて特別号を発表したことを家庭の庇護が 15 年間を経歴した家庭革命と拮据孤立無援の経済を離れるために

    この例は私たちに若い一代を知っていさせるもうもう世俗が値したアイデアを受けない彼等にとって学歴の権力不確かで 一番 とても 重要だのです




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    Succeeds oneself defines

    Happily grasps own life to live the life unyieldingly on to the

    path which arranges even if staggers along also must go out own piece

    of day this is the young generation to the future independency no

    longer thought well-mannered will study the employment to be able to

    have the good outlet they the idea not equally their future to have

    very much infinite is possible

    Ex1 singer Zhang Hsuansui is the political celebrity's daughter

    but in order to interpret a dream leaves the family asylum to

    experience the economy which 15 years family revolution and in

    straitened circumstances not helped in this June him to succeed has

    promoted the special edition

    This example lets us know how a young generation already no

    longer did receive the common custom value the idea concerning them

    school record authority not necessarily importantly more importantly

    to want to make any to be supposed to do even if the process were

    difficult or violates the tradition but to persist achieved own goal

    was they succeeds defines own life to do decided the more and more

    young people started the way which covered with the summit to live


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