Questions for people living in countries with Universal Healthcare?

This is for an article I'm writing. I won't say which side I'm on.

I just need to know if any of this is true. Please do not answer my question if you do not live in a country with Universal Healthcare. it's difficult to find the truth when a lot about it comes from biased reports from a secondhand point of view.

I heard that you have to wait a long time. That getting a general practitioner is easy but if you need a specialist you have to wait, sometimes even a few months. How long do you really have to wait?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, i live in Nicaragua and thanks to our wonderful President, Daniel Ortega (whom the U.S view as a "communist"), we have free universal healthcare. Well, i can't speak for my entire country but my grandfather waited about 2 weeks to get a knee surgery. Also, my grandmother is having lasic eye surgery this upcoming Thursday, she was told she needed it this past Monday. Also, my fathers friend's mother just had a liver transplant, that took about 2 and a half weeks on the waiting list. So, i don't think the wait is long.

    As for waiting for a specialist, that is unheard of. Fidel Castro and his government in Cuba has actually supplied us with a large amount of doctors here, and we all know Cuban doctors are among the best in the world, very well trained.

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    4 years ago

    I stay in Canada, which has commonplace well being care. each and each province has a well being provider. each and each province's well being provider has to fulfill standards of the Canada well being Act, which contraptions out person-friendly rules and provisions for the complete us of a. The Canada well being Act includes all basic well being care tactics which includes surgical procedures, get admission to to a doctor, and so on. Provinces are loose to function greater to their provincial well being centers or in elementary terms as much as the minimum federal rules. case in point, dental insurance isn't mandated by means of the Canada well being Act. So in Ontario, dental care is thoroughly inner maximum, and is no longer coated decrease than the the province's well being provider. If somebody in Ontario needs get admission to to dental care, they could desire to take out inner maximum dental coverage. In another provinces dental is roofed. To get get admission to to a province's well being care gadget, one must be a tax paying resident of the province and function a well being card. human beings ought to have a well being card, like a motive force's license, to be sure the guy is eligible to have get admission to to the gadget. Provincial well being enjoying cards paintings us of a extensive. medical doctors do no longer paintings at as quickly as for the government, they perform their very own practices like interior the U. S., yet get carry of fee from the government for the centers they provide. human beings pay into the well being care gadget by means of way of taxes. If human beings p.c. inner maximum well being care, they are in a place to pay for that too, yet maximum Canadians in no way could. they had in simple terms be paying a great style of money for an identical high quality well being care they are in a place to get with the conventional public gadget. the sole income could be that they get scientific institution waiting rooms greater like hotel lobbies. The gadget is by means of no means perfect. case in point, if somebody needs a undeniable x-ray or something comparable achieved with a professional conventional practitioner, they could ought to attend some weeks. yet ultimately, they are going to be seen to. My journey with the gadget has been sturdy.

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