Changing a household lever action light electrical circuit that controls switch?

I will be changing a light switch later today. It is my first time doing this as this is my first home.....

The directions on "how stuff works".com says step 1 is to de-energize the electrical circuit that controls switch.....what do they mean by this???

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  • 3DDD
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    1 decade ago
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    What they mean is turn off the power to the switch - the breaker box. Would be a rea; good idea for you to purchase a circuit tester to make sure you have the current off before going to work. You could do like I do - turn off all the power to the whole house and work with a spot light - I don't like electricity either.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since you have never done this before it is best you turn off the main circuit breaker killing power to all the house.

    The main is located in the breaker box. It is the big one at the top of the box.

    After you get it turned off go around checking to make sure it has turned off all the circuits in the house before you start working. You do this by going and checking the circuits (lights, coffee makers, TV's, lamps etc.) by turning them off and on. Also turn the switch you are going to be changing off and on to make sure the power is off.

    Reasons for the safety check: Three reasons:

    1. you have never done this before

    2. Circuit breakers and switches have been known to malfunction. You think you have them off but the circuit is still hot. That definitely makes for a nasty surprise.

    3. When working with electricity do not assume anything.

    You assume you a.s.s/u/me

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  • 1 decade ago

    3DDD is right, but when I do stuff I just pull the breaker that the fixture is on. You may have fuses. Just find the fuse and remove it.

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