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sex in new era?

sex is natural phnomenom and is continue from starting day of life but in new age it is being discussed alot. why?

there was no problem till now why poeple exploit the sex matters.

is our era is unmanner or immodest, stupid?

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    that sex has become an open topic in this era doesnt mean that we have become immodest..that you and i can now talk about it means that we have grown in wisdom and understanding about things that happen to isnt per se a bad is a gift given by God to be enjoyed by all His creations..

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    its kind of funny that you are bringing this up now... my grandma (age 85).. who says she has only had sex 8 times....(hence the 8 children) hears the grand kids talking about it, and its on even regular television more also. *soap operas making sex look like the most romantic thing ever.

    Well, grandma is always telling the grand kids that sex is never like that. Its so funny to here her talk, because you know she could not believe that teens were having oral sex and thinking it was OK.... this she heard on the news... and opera. i think that poor woman nearly had a heart attach when she hear people really do that.

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    there doesn't seem to be any thing private or sacred any more

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    sadly, it is...and we all know it...we just don't like to admit it...

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