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urgent! pleaseeee read!?

me andd my friend are starting a charity and need to reserve a name! ideas pleaseeee!

thank youuu!


cancer treatment research

and we will provide toys and books to the kids with cancers.

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    1) Get a lawyer, you have to register charities and that's not a cheap, or straight forward, business

    2) Get initial financial backing for stationary, office equipment, registration etc

    3) Do market research to see if other charities don't already do a better job than you could for the benefactors (EDIT: Your additional info makes me think you are thinking of going into an area already well sourced with charities - unless it will be very specifically targetted, in which case you may struggle for funds)

    4) Get properly qualified backing, not just anyone can set a charity up, you need to meet certain criteria, both legal and financial

    5) Give people some idea what the charity is about before asking them for a name - No point calling a Cancer Charity "Freedom for Foxes" is there

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    Just Another Charity

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    It's a little hard to come up with a name without knowing the purpose behind the charity.

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    Depends on what kinda of charity it is.

    But like someone else said.

    L.O.V.E. and each letter stands for a word like an acrostic poem

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    how about give up then you don't have to do the charity!

    You can still say that you tryed! After all is the thought that counts!

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    1. Yes 2. Economic 3. The american Assn. of retired persons

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    Honey???what 4?

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    My Bank Account.

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    Clarify... what kinda charity are you starting?

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