I just graduated w/ a BA &want to now get my MA. A friend said it looks "Lazy" to get BA & MA from same school

Let me know if your personal experience is that it is ok to get both BA & MA from same school or should I move around? Also, please list your degree or job so I have a reference point. Thanks!


The only reason that I mentioned my friend is because we're both single mothers that encourage each other through our course path.

Communication theory and Human Relations major, emphasis in History.

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    i just finished applying and transferring from my BA school to a combined MA/PhD program. i did hear this comment during my applications. i think it is a consideration when people look at your CV/resume down the road during interviews if you are in a very competitive or academic field. even then, i don't think it outweighs any other considerations.

    the basis for this consideration is that you were exposed to different faculty and programs with different interests and that you are willing to follow the academic goods rather than stay put. again, only for really competitive fields.

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    I'll tell you what my teacher told me:

    That in the end, it really didn't matter if you were summa *** laude or something, or if you went to an Ivy League, but that you got the degree, that you are capable, and that if need be, your academic and past performance could be validated.

    Which basically means that so long as the school you plan on going to is a good program, and that you do well, and that you get your degree, you should be fine.

    Move around only for the experience. Extend your network, but don't move becos your friend told you to.

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    If the same school offers both Ba & Ma with the same schoolastic gradings as other universities then there is nothing wrong in going to the same school. Get every thing done in 1 school.1 good reason is economics.

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    Good for you. Your friend is making no sense at all. The only thing I would say is that if are considering transferring to a more prestigious school it might make sense.

    You don't say what the degree is in. You might want to make sure that include practical experience while you're getting the MA.


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    It doesn't make much difference. However, going to a better program makes more sense if possible. The difference in schools attended usually has little to do with academic reasons for most people.

    You'd have different prof.s (prof.'s teach both undergraduate and graduate students). That might be a good thing to learn different outlooks in your field of study.

    I went to a different school for my M.B.A. It was more convenient for me and just so happened to be a higher regarded program.

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    do you like your school? personally i want to get my MA from the same university i graduated my BA from. I just like the campus, the pace, the professors.

    it really is your personal choice. just be sure that its what you want. I have a degree in Tourism and i work in government.

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    BS and MS from same school. I was advised to get my PHD elsewhere because it doesn't look well rounded. Lazy? I'm not sure about that, but I agree that it makes you look as though you're afraid of changes.

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    i want to get my bs and ms from the same school.. and yes i'm lazy. i think it's fine as long as they have a good program for that degree

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    it is actually borin n lazy to have both degrees in the same school...you should do it in another school,coz aren't u tired of being there now, change it a bit if tht is convenient for you ofcourse. :)

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    Do what is the most convenient to yourself. If your "friend" wants to go to a different school, its her choice.

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