Pakistan unstable?

Why is Pakistan so unstable right now? After the recent assassination. How is their government organized and who exactly is the threat? Do you believe the government is responsible for the recent assassination since the former PM was the opposition leader and a symbol of democracy and representative of the western world. Does the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear power relevant? Could Pakistan develop into a threat to the western world? Is it possible that this could be the beginning of a third world war?

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    Answer to question #1

    The assassination of Benazir Bhutto quashes dream of those oppressed by religious people like they are doing here in the USA except here it is the Christians doing under the guise of God. Not all religious people are oppressive and push their agenda but enough do.

    The US was almost unstable when President Reagan was shot in 1981 with Secretary of State Alexander Haig saying "I am in control of the White House" which was taken out of context. He is a retired US Army general.

    Answer to question #2

    As for organization I believe they are Parliamentarian like the British.

    Answer to question #3

    Their current leader did not do enough to protect Benazir Bhutto assassination just like the military coup murdered her father like her also a Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1979. The current leader, Pervez Musharraf, will benefit and it could have been done by sympathisers. The candidates for US President will take advantage and use her death for political reasons.

    Former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was dismissed as Prime Minister in 1975, on charges similar to those Benazir Bhutto

    Answer to question #4

    Nuclear powers only adds fuel to scare people does not mean an atomic exchange is going to occur except those that will capitalize fear like politicians i.e. the candidates for US President will take advantage and use her death for political reasons.

    Pakistan was almost declared a rogue state in the 1990s since they acquired atomic weapons and India was not happy; they are not allies.

    Pakistan has received over 3 billion US dollars even though the US knows that fighting radical and fanatical Islams live there. Pakistan used to be West Pakistan when they broke away from the Hindi majority nation of India when the Muslims became the majority.

    The British and other European nations have screwed up the Middle East a lot and the US is somewhat helping.

    The Middle East has had their peaceful times but the Sunnis and the Shias who are the main sections in Islam have fought each other a lot.

    Other religions with similar disagreements

    The Catholics similar was between Roman Catholics from the Western Roman Empire which died around 4 or 5 century AD and the Eastern Roman Empire which became Orthodox and ove the centuries the Pope of Roman and Orthodox Church ex-communicated each other.

    Answer to question #5

    A threat to the western world ?


    The Corporate World are more of a threat economically to their own nations where the gap between the affluent and the non-affluent will get bigger.

    Americans that have spoken against Corporate America

    Butler - Facing the Corporate Roots of American FascismMajor-General Smedley Darlington Butler, a 33-year veteran of the Marine Corps who was twice decorated with the Medal of Honor, blew the whistle on the ...

    Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 ... or readiness to sacrifice would inflict upon us grievous hurt both at home and abroad. ...

    The video by President Eisenhower titled "Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex."

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    Answer to question #6

    About World War 3

    Not from this.

    A base honoring General Butler

    MCB Camp Smedley D. Butler, OkinawaMarines, The Few, the Proud graphic. NOTE: Following this graphic link are · The official site for Marines in Japan · MCCS One Source Website ...

    Official USMC site

    Camp Smedley D Butler

    **This is an official Marine Corps Website**

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    Wow you have a lot of questions. I wish I knew the answers to them. I am afraid that this is going to be a difficult thing to deal with on all fronts. I do believe that the present government had something to do with it. The fact that they are a nuclear powdered nation does very much worry me. Is it a threat to the west? Of course it is. When a country is unstable it is a danger to everyone. I hope it is NOT the beginning of WW3 but only time and history will answer that one.

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    Pakistan has been unstable since it was created from India as its own Muslim state.

    Yes, it is extremely dangerous because it has nuclear weapons and a very high percentage of terrorists that are trying to take power there to get access to them. Of course, the US could obliterate Pakistan if even one nuke with a Pakistan signature went off in the US, but even that is a worst case scenario. Deep, black ops should be in the works.

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    You do hear of bombings and shootings in India - i exchange into there over Easter and there exchange right into a chain of bombings in Delhi (the place i exchange into on the time). purely as a results of fact they don't get stated does not propose they do no longer take place usually. yet India is greater sturdy in many circumstances for numerous reasons. in the beginning, it extremely is no longer a muslim united states of america, or a hindu united states of america, yet a rustic of many faiths, and accepts and positively embraces that, unlike Pakistan. that's a much greater democratic united states of america, and is, maximum critically i think of, an industrialised one. that's making actual efforts to enhance the lives of its human beings, and has greater components to attempt to try this in comparison to Pakistan. the undertaking i think of is an commercial and spiritual one. Poorer international locations are greater probably to be volatile, as we see for the time of Africa and Asia. faith is important too - in Pakistan that's a strictly muslim state, however the government does not have the skill nor the components, unlike muslim states interior the middle east, to keep away from the taliban getting carry. it is what reasons an mind-blowing style of the instability - the taliban comprehend that's an trouble-free aim, and with their persevering with bombings and capturing comprehend they're coming up concern. the government won't be able to preserve human beings, so as that they're going to turn to the Taliban. the persons above saying that the undertaking is that Pakistan is a muslim united states of america have not a clue - the undertaking is the Taliban, no longer Islam. there are an mind-blowing style of muslims in India - you understand the Taj Mahal? geared up by utilizing a muslim (subsequently the muslim temples next to it). India has lots of the biggest muslim temples interior the worldwide, and a huge style of muslims. the undertaking isn't muslims and islam in many circumstances, however the perverted sort of Islam that the taliban have self belief in.

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    It's just the media hyping things up for ratings. Musharif has that country on lock down, and I for one am glad he is our allie. That side of the world is crazy and we need some one on our side to clamp down and control things.

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    It will take a very very long time for them to change and bring new laws

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    When has pakistan or any of those countries ever been stable? I can't you can't either!

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