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Is a Westell Versalink Model 327W a wireless router?

And also How do you find your SSID number. I know their is a "login" and "password" thing on your computer but i cant find it can some1 please help me locate it? Thank you. After i get this wii internet set up i can finally have a good nights sleep..

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    It's a modem and at the same time a router because it has a wireless capability. To find the SSID, you need to access it's setup page. I'm not so sure what's the default IP of that kind of device. If you know its default IP, type it on the address bar of the Internet Explorer.

    To make sure you can login, you can ask assistance to your ISP or the tech support who provided your device.

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    I have the 327W as well, ans it's a gateway, not a router. A gateway is basically a modem and a router in one. As for the SS ID #, I have no clue, you probably have to call your IP and they will tell you after some verification [they might ask for the last for digits of your SS# or something]

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    Yes, it is a wireless router. If you turn that on, you'll need to create a new connection (WAN) and assign it an ID from there. Normally you have to create the username and password once you have internet connection going through your wireless router. Let me know if you need more details.

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    It sounds like it. Note the "W" in the model name. Go to the manufacturer's website and read the specs. OR, just Google for: Westell Versalink 327w All will be revealed.

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