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TV volume increases on certain commercials.?

On at least eight separate commercials the TV volume increases substantially; returns to normal when over. I've gotten instructions from Comcast, but no help. Is there anything short of having the Tech come out that will cure this?

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    The Federal Communications Commission does not specifically regulate the volume of TV programs or TV commercials. However, broadcasters are required to have equipment that limits the peak power they can use to send out their audio and video signals. That means the loudest TV commercial will never be any louder than the loudest part of any TV program.

    A TV program has a mix of audio levels. There are loud parts and soft parts. Most advertisers want to grab your attention. To do that, the audio track is electronically processed to make every part of it as loud as possible within legal limits.

    Help is on the way!

    Dolby Laboratories announced it has developed technology to level out the sound differences that take place during shows and between TV programs and commercials. You pick the volume you like and the Dolby software will make the adjustments in real time automatically.Dolby Volume could show up in some TV sets by early next year.

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    The commercials are not actually any louder in comparison to any of the high volume scenes of the show you're watching, like the gun fight or the car chase. The commercials audio portions are simply max'ed out audio levels, but still within the confines of the standard RF signal envelope. This is not the TVs fault that it does this. It's the TV channel. They accept the commercials that are made this way, because that's how they get paid. What needs to be done is for the FCC to require that TV commercials have a carrier signal placed into the vertical interval, which could then queue the microprocessor to drop the volume about 50 percent. Of course this will never happen. The commercials are one of the primary staples of a capitalist system.

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    Many commercials are recorded in a direct audio format that is unfiltered like the audio and video for the programs you watch. Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing that can be done about this. I have the same problem and it's aggravating. I wish there was some kind of program that could be installed through the DVR system via phone connection with the cable or satellite service that would completely eliminate commercials. Perhaps there is such a program, being as you said you were given instructions from your TV reception service.

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    Agree with all.. The commercials are jacked up in volume. The 1-800 repeat four times, all marketing ploys.

    Find a TV with smart sound or use the DVR to watch your shows. Now that I have the DVR, I dont see commercials anymore. But during NFL games, Im sitting in the chair, drinkin a beer, then the commercial hits... next thing I know Im laying in the backyard with a fence picket through my liver and my ears are bleeding. Drink more beer and the noise eventually becomes indistiguishable.

    In conclusion, three ways - TV w/ Smart Sound, DVR, More BEER.

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    They do this on purpose. There is supposed to be a volume limit, but it's more of a range. The shows are at the low end and the commercials are at the high end. That way Billy Mays selling zorbees is five times as loud as your favorite shows.

    I don't think there is anything that can be done. I just use the mute button when they come on.

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    Some TV's have a feature where it balances out the sound a little bit. It's usually called "auto adjust volume" or something like that. Check in the menu on your TV. Go to the audio settings and mess around with it. It depends on your TV.

    I don't think you'll ever solve the problem completely though.

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    Sometimes the advertisers deliberately arrange for the volume to be increased during their commercials to attract the attention of the viewer. Any 'voice-over' appears to be SHOUTING at you. Unfortunately the advertiser doesn't seem to realise that this practice can be extremely annoying to the viewer who then wouldn't go near that product with a barge pole.

    I don't think you can stop it except by turning down the volume during commercials.

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    If you are just using the speakers on your TV, go through the audio options on your TV and see if there is an option for auto volume or level sound or the equivalent. My Sony TV has the auto volume feature and it cured mine of the same thing. If you are using an external amp you may or may not have that feature.

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    There used to be a tv that adjusted and maintained the same vol. Haven't seen one lately.

    There is nothing you can do unless you use electronic devises to maintain the vol.

    The government tried to get involved once to control decibels.

    The broadcasters said they would then broadcast in lower decibals for reg broadcasting, which would require tv vol to be turned up, which in turn would increase the commercial vol, even though it complied with the decibels in proposed law.

    Catch 22. The comparison in vol, would still give the same result....higher vol on commercials.

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    No Commercials are louder, its not comcast. I think Magnavox made a TV a few years that turned down the sound automatically on commercials

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