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Agree or Disagree - ESPN's 10 Heavyweight Hitters in History?

ESPN recently wrote the top 10 Heavyweight Hitters in history. Here is the list:

1. Mike Tyson

2. Sonny Liston

3. Joe Louis

4. George Foreman

5. Rocky Marciano

6. Ernie Shavers

7. Jack Dempsey

8. Joe Frazier

9. Lennox Lewis

10. Max Baer

I agree with the list that they have but there is other Heavyweights I would consider as heavy hitters in history.

Like: Jim Jeffries, and Riddick Bowe (When his was focused).

Any Thoughts?

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    I disagree completely with Tyson being considered the hardest punching heavyweight of all time, that is simply grossly inaccurate and a slight on at least 15 other more deserving heavyweights. David Tua and Alex Stewart hit harder than Tyson. Mike was the youngest and best marketed heavyweight of all time with the greatest single management group to ever surround a boxer, but no where near the heaviest puncher of all time.

    I have never been a big fan of Mike Tyson and have always been rough on Mike in print when I write about him, but there is no way on God's green earth MIke was the hardest hitting heavyweight of all time, give me a break. Ernie Shavers hit harder than all nine of the others on ESPN's list and should rank very near the top if not actually number one. Jack Johnson had over a half dozen of his opponents teeth removed from his boxing glove after the Ketchel fight, and Jack wasn't even mentioned. The list is at best questionable, and in my opinion inaccurate.

    Still, I was there when Mike landed one on Golata in the Palace of Aulburn Hills that echoed so loudly everyone in the place winced. Mike did hit like a truck.

    My top 16 hardest punching heavyweights reads like this:

    1. Earnie Shavers

    2. George Forman

    3. Sonny Liston

    4. Rocky Marciano

    5. Joe Louis

    6. Jack Johnson

    7. Jack Dempsey

    8. Joe Frazier

    9. Tefialo Stevenson

    10.David Tua

    11. Max Baer

    12. Lennox Lewis

    13. Jersey Joe Walcott

    14. Alex Stewart

    15. Ike Iiabuchi

    16. Mike Tyson

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    Obviousily the guy is putting more emphisis on power. That's the only explanation of Ty Cobb being 9th. [I'm not sure where he gets his information from because from reading the article he is totally wrong about Cobb. He says he batted .340 (actually .366) and his career on base PCT (.433) was lower than Alvin Davis (.380), Mark Grace (.383), Keith Hernandez (.384), Gene Woodling (.386), J.D. Drew (.392), Merv Rettenmund (.381), Tim Salmon (.385), Bernie Carbo (.387) and Gene Tenace (.388) ]** **never mind, I misread the article Cobb should be higher on the list and Hank Aaron (higher batting average and more home runs than Mantle and Mays) should be in the top 10. Other than that it's not a bad list. I do think Al Simmons (307 HR and a .334 batting average) deserves mention. edit: Ivystung: You are correct, he is talking about Sisler. I read it too fast the first time.

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    1. George Foreman

    2. Mike Tyson

    3. Joe Louis

    4. Joe Fraizer

    5. Jack Dempsey

    6. Jack Johnson

    7. Sonny Liston

    8. Earnie Shavers

    9. Larry Holmes

    10. Gene Tunney

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  • George Foreman was the most devastating puncher in Heavyweight history, He was still knocking people out at 45 years old, he's #1 on my list.

    1. George Foreman

    2. Jack Dempsey

    3. Mike Tyson

    4. Sonny Liston

    5. Joe Louis

    6. Joe Fraizer

    7. Rocky Marciano

    8. Ernie Shavers

    9. Max Baer

    10. Lennox Lewis (although I dont believe he belongs on this list)

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    1. Sonny Liston

    2. Rocky Marciano

    3. Joe Louis

    4. Mike Tyson

    5. George Foreman

    6. Joe Frazier

    7. Jack Dempsey

    8. Lennox Lewis

    9. Max Baer

    10. Ernie Shavers

    T-10. Riddick Bowe



    From what I understand Max Baer was not a dirty, fight but earned that reputation from killing two men in the ring. He also said some ignorant things to Jim Braddock about his wife, thus Braddock called him a dirty fight. In no way am I calling Bradock, or you, a liar. And the movie; Cinderella Man didn't help Baer's image much either.

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    #1 Earnie Shavers

    #2 George Foreman

    #3 Sonny Liston

    #4 Joe Frazier

    #5 Mike Tyson

    #6 Jack Dempsey

    #7 Joe Louis

    #8 Rocky Marciano

    #9 Lennox Lewis

    #10 Max Baer

    Muhammad Ali was 6-1 (4 KOs) against the top 4 powerhitters of all time.

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    Could you imagine Mike Tyson taking Joe Frazier off his feet in the same way George Foreman did ?????

    Or did Joe Louis have anything in his arsenal that was harder than Joe Fraziers left Hook ???????

    As per usual these lists are open to debate, its also hard to rank the likes of Marciano and Dempsey against the likes of Lewis and Shavers as the latter had about a 50lb weight advantage.

    I would go with something like

    1, George Foreman

    2, Earnie Shavers

    3, Sonny Liston

    4, Mike Tyson

    5, Joe Frazier

    Although this is obviously only my opinion for hardest hitters, for pound for pound heaviest hitters i would say

    1, Rocky Marciano

    2, Jack Dempsey

    3, Mike Tyson

    4, Joe Frazier

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    Their list is pretty much the same as I have its good to see fighters like ''Acorn'' Shavers and Baer get some kind of due for their careers. And the list is like a Hall of Fame roster. Tyson tore through the heavyweights until ''Quick'' Tillis ended his kayo streak, Liston's kayo's of Patterson send chills up my back, Louis' kayo of Shmeling was vicious and united a fragmented U.S.A. if only for a night, Foreman at 45 nailed Michael Moorer with a straight right down the pipe and knocked him cold right after everyones favorite announcer Larry Merchant said ''We have seen the last of this legend'' oops sorry Larry. Rock broke Roland Lastarza's forearms, Shavers was great but came around when Holmes was in his prime, He knocked Holmes down which only happened a couple of times in his career he just couldn't finish him plus he had 23 first round kayo's!, Dempsey disfigured Willard, Frazier smashed fighters much bigger than him with the best left hook in boxing history, Lewis had a vicious right and an underrated uppercut, Baer killed a man in the ring and would have been one of the all time greats had he not been such a playboy which is a known fact. Great list.

    EDIT: Boy some one has went thumbs down crazy on here! LOL.

    Source(s): ex fighter and lover of the sweet science.
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    These lists are always fun. I based my list on first one punch knock out power, followed by win/knockout ratio, and finally who they have beat. I know it will not be popular choice, but I think you have to add Wladimir somewhere in the list. Even though he does not have a jaw, he has one punch knock out power. I moved Lennox and Wladimir up on the list just based on thier size. Keep in mind this is not a list of the best heavyweights but a list based on knockout capability.

    1. Mike Tyson

    2. Sonny Liston

    3. George Foreman

    4. Ernie Shavers

    5. Lennox Lewis

    6. Wladimir Klitschko

    7. Joe Louis

    8. Rocky Marchiano

    9. Max Baer

    10. Jack Dempsey

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    I think the list is partially right but a bit scrambled. I don't think no one hits harder then George Foreman. He was a bit wild with his punches so they were less affective. Tyson would be second then Joe Lewis. And I don't think Lennox would of made my list. I agree with Bowe over Lennox or even Holyfield.

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