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Bush's interest in pakistan ?

what you think why bush is taking more than a normal interest in Pakistan ? rather than usa ?

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    From the day Pakistan supported USA, suicide bombings started in Pakistan.

    Why Pakistan? My motherland is in trouble? The only country made in the name of Islam:

    Karachi was burning: A political and security crisis

    Suicide bombing at hotel in northwest Pakistan city near Afghan border kills 24, injured 25

    Pak Lal Masjid death toll climbs to 100

    Another Suicide Bomb killed 6, injured 18

    Suicide bombings deepen Pakistan crisis

    At least 143 dead as bombs target Benazir, KARACHI , Pakistan

    30 killed as Swat blast targets security forces vehicle

    Militants behead law-enforcement men in public

    Pakistan suicide bombings kill 36

    Suicide bombers near Islamabad kill at least 24

    25 killed, over 60 injured in twin Rawalpindi suicide bombings¶m=1

    Suicide bombing in Pakistan kills 15

    Suicide bombings kill 55 in Pakistan

    Blast during Eid prayers kills over 50 in Pak

    How can any Muslim imagine this?

    Toll at nine in Pakistan suicide bombing: military

    Benazir Bhutto Assassinated, Presidential Candidates Respond


    Bombing in Pakistan's Swat Valley Kills Several People

    Osama Bin Ladin Maligning ISLAM as much as he can

    Which ISLAM does he follow?

    Read my Old articles Suicide bombings can be stop easily & Sympathizers of Lal Masjid are behind this bombing

    ---Sympathizers of lal masjid incident are behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, according to me.---

    ********RETORT TO USA**************

    First USA should give Pakistan the proper and latest equipment to seal its border with Afghanistan then criticize Pakistan, I wonder how Americans can only blame Pakistan for Taliban attacks? Since all 35 NATO nations are in Afghanistan with their latest equipments USA itself is there with the number one technology in the whole world, Afghanistan should care about its borders but yet the whole world and specially USA blame only only only PAKISTAN.

    We all know that USA can't secure its easy border with Mexico with its world number one technology but they expect Pakistan to secure its Mountainous border with Afghanistan, i just wonder on the hypocrisy of Americans.

    Securing Pakistan Afghanistan border is a joint joint joint responsibility of all NATO and specially AMERICA & Afghanistan & then PAKISTAN.

    And Pakistan has lost more troops & civilians than USA or any other country for this so called war on terror.

    USA and WEST first look at their deeds then point out their fingers on Pakistan, USA must must must give Pakistan the latest spying equipments otherwise they should not expect something from Pakistan which is not possible even from them.

    Bush praises Pakistan in terror fight - South and Central Asia -

    Dozens of soldiers missing in Pakistan tribal area - Yahoo! News

    Pakistani army holds fire for funerals of 250

    AND LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ONNNNNNNNN, All USA is doing providing ARMS & having nuclear deals to Pakistan’s number ONE enemy India and despite of that asking Pakistan to do all for them. WOW what a friend is USA if of Pakistan.


    USA only like those democracy which supports its goals and objectives, they don't like truly elected democracy. Most current examples are Hamas (elected by people but rejected by USA), Iran's president (elected by people but rejected by USA).

    USA supported the dictatorship of Musharraf and they still not saying to him to leave the president house, now tell me what’s that?

    All USA has is just "double standards".

    ***What USA has done for Pakistan, in order to stop this, they must help Pakistan this is their duty, b/c if Pakistan leave USA in supporting in their so called fight against terrorism all suicidal attacks will start occurring in USA.?***

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      wah lion's roar

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    Nad going to try and make this as painless as possible,

    1. Would you really want to see the government of Pakistan

    fall completely apart, and the keys to the Nuclear weapons

    go into the hands of Islamicfundamentalist.

    2. Would you rather see these terrorist redirect the weapons

    and use them against US interest

    3. Are you totally sold on the fact that a looming world war

    could be brought on by this type of action. If so your a liberal

    and have bought into the liberal and dem montra that Bush

    is evil and bad and has been responsible for everything gone

    wrong in mankind.

    How would you handle this situation,,, Put yourself in charge

    of the well being of the world and 350 some million americans

    not very easy is it,

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because it is all about his capital interests and how he and the richest of the rich can boom financially!

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  • 4 years ago

    Difficult to say

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    u don't know anything about politics

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