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mark twain: a connecticut yankee in king arthur's court: HELP!!!?

ok...ive just finish reading this book.. and i need to write a paragraph concerning the things satirized by mark twain.. any help?

i tried cliffnotes and all helpful tools but they just gave nothing..


in my paper i included...the monarchy... but need more possible exampples to fill up my paper T.T


lol my teacher is so dumb she wants goes like this

" what i like in a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers." -Smith

lol his satire is not that obvious!!!!

BTW--i need to find quotes in the book that jsutifies the satire ... grrr

i hate ENGLISH!!!!!!

omg take that back


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    Twain is satirizing our romantic view of the past and (as in Hucklebery Finn) our confusion between conscience and the socially-imposed set of values that we THINK is conscience. An example of the first is his narrator's remark that every lady at Camelot was like any squaw who was ready to run off with the brave who had the most scalps on his belt. An example of the second is the pace where the narrator has King Arthur almost persuaded to do some humane thing but the King's "conscience" gets in the way--rather the way Huck feels guilty about helping Jim escape from slavery.

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    Amazing, ran out of all the standard short cut, cheat sheets, huh.

    Look up "satire". Get an understanding of the concept, then reread the book (assuming you read it in the first place). Twain's satirization is obvious.

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