Why are Americans spreading lies that Filipinos are Hispanic?

Iam a white American(Who loves Filipino culture) with a question.Why are they?Filipinos are not Hispanics!Here are the reasons:

1)Filipinos don`t consider themselves Hispanic!They consider themselves Asians!

2)Filipinos have their own language Tagalog(It`s a seperate language from Spanish!I may have Spanish words,but its grammer sturcture is different!)

3)Other Asians(including Chinese and Japanese) consider Filipinos Asian,not Hispanics

4)Most Filipinos don`t have Spanish blood!Instead they have Malay ancestry!

5)Philippines is in Asia not SOUTH AMERICA!

Note to all Filipinos who think Philippines should accept the Spanish being its official language and culture:You guys are traitors!You guys don`t have a sense of loyalty towards Philippines and Asian culture!By accepting Spanish culture and language,you just allowed the Spanish to colonize and rule you guys and show you that Spanish are supreme over Filipinos,Asians,and other nonwhites they connquered!Stop disgracing yourselves

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    I guess if you look back at how full blooded filipinos' features look, then you can definately see the asian ancestry. Hispanics have tan skin, filipinos have tan skin, even some thai have tan skin.. but that doesn't mean they are hispanic. The U.S is overcome by many combination of races. To define a culture by a color is wrong. I'm mexican who happened to been borned in the US.. any which way you look at me I'm still mexican... although I've been confused for being thai, hawaiian, filipino etc. I find it to be a compliment since it says that we are that much closer to becoming perhaps one race in the next few centuries or so. Traditions are stronger than the color of your skin. If a pinoy happens to "look" white because of light skin but yet can sit and talk tagalog or eat menudo with me, I wouldn't say he's white at all.

    Maybe consider it at first but usually everyone always asks: "Where are you from? or What are you"? I find this to be funny, and I don't find it offensive. Means I made a new friend of another race who's curious.


  • Hey there! I'm a Filipino and no, I do not consider myself Hispanic. I don't look Hispanic, and perhaps despite some Spanish in my blood, no, I am not Hispanic. This is the first I've ever heard of Americans misinforming the general public of our ethnicity. Just to clarify to anyone who may have been misinformed: we do not consider ourselves Spanish. Never have, never will, save for those handful back when the Spanish were still our colonizers.

    I've heard news of our president attempting to reintroduce Spanish to the educational curriculum, but that's pretty much the extent of it. And no, we don't embrace the Spanish culture much anymore, since it is pretty much dead to us... well, as opposed to the American culture. Nowadays you'll see most people wanting to leave the country, especially for the United States. You'll also see people looking with disgust at their own roots, and local lawmakers lobbying for English to be used as the medium of instruction for all subjects in all schools. It's called colonial mentality; get used to it.

    It's so ironic that sometimes the people who love our country the most are also the people who do not come from our country. I'm truly and deeply grateful that you respect and even love our culture. We could learn from you. The Philippines, my country, is a land just waiting to be explored and now all it's doing is going to waste.

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    Filipinos are Asian, and I think the Hispanic moniker comes from either trying to identify with the west or a misidentification by westerners. A lot of Hispanics try to say they are Caucasian, and the Caucasians try to let it be known that 'no, he's a wanna be'. Tagalog is the language of the Philippines, not Spanish. Americans have no reason to lie. Your apology is expected.

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    The Philippines used to be part of the Spanish Empire, and Spanish used to be the official language. In addition, many Filipinos - especially the wealthier classes - have some Spanish ancestry.

    In other words, it's an incorrect but understandable error.

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    I've never heard anyone say Filipinos are Hispanic.

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    you are way off base on this one buddy

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    WTF? Most Americans don't care one way or the other. Why is this even an issue?

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