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If your spouse woke you up in the middle of the night gasping & weasing for air how would you respond?

I am not looking for joke answers.


I am not looking for joke answers. I am looking for completely honest answers. I am asking because this happened and I want to compare it to how the real situation was handled.

Update 2:

What do you think about the spouse telling the gasper to be quiet so he/she can get some sleep?

Update 3:

Someone asked what "I" did. I was the gasper.

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    If you have this a good deal, you may have sleep apnea. Left untreated, it can cause MAJOR cardiac problems later on in life.

    Rather than worry about your husband's response, you should be more interested in what a doctor thinks. As far as your husband goes, he's pretty much a lost cause if he's that unconcerned.

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    I'd determine if she was choking on something she tried to eat or gasping because her throat was closing up. I'd either give her the heimlich or try to get her to calm down and relax as much as I could. Then I'd assess if she needed to be rushed to the hospital or if she was going to be okay. If she was going to be fine, I'd get her a glass of water and hold her hand and talk with her. If she needed the hospital I'd either get her in the car or call an ambulance.

    Most important thing is I would try my hardest to stay calm, assess the situation and take control of it.

    What did YOU do?

    EDIT: lol, no I don't think telling the person to be quiet so I can get to sleep would be my reaction. Although I guess it depends on the background of the situation, like if this has been a common problem and you are either refusing help or have the inhailer right next to your bed. But I'm usually the supportive type.

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    First, I would make sure that the person is OK. If they are not OK, then I would probably take them to the hospital. If this problem happens often, I would go to the doctor and find out WHY this is happening. If this has happened before, then I would do waht I need to do to fix it... .like give them a drink of water, or give them medicine if they need it. I would not panic, that's probably because I work in the medical field... but for someone not in the medical field, they would probably freak out and now know what to do....

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    I would do what I could to get the spouse to calm down because a panic is only going to make the problem worse. Then I would try to determine the problem to see if it was something like a panic attack which requires the person to settle down and relax or an asthma attack which requires the same or something that would require transportation to hospital.

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    My husband does this all the time, in the middle of the night he has actually stoped breathing, However, the doctors said that it is sleep apena...they suggest to use a dehumidifier in the room to help the air. it also has a lot to do with asthma.

    I freaked out the first time, but its a normal thing now..dont be to worried. Have him get checked to see how severe it is. Good luck

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    First of all 911 would have been called....I watched my husband pass away before my eyes....I can't imagine the fear that went through your mind as you were gasping for air.

    Maybe your husband was really tired and it overwhelmed him.....I once slept through my husband throwing up from the flu.....ever since then I worked at not being a hard that he is gone he would be proud of my I am now a light sleeper and just about anything wakes me up.

    Try not to be too hard on him....He will learn I promise.

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    This happens here all the time.You help them to sit up open a window and rub their back.

    Extreme cases you put them in the car and go to the ER for a breathing treatment.

    If you're having trouble breathing at night get a wedgie to sleep on.

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    sounds such as you acquire ill on your sleep. possibly it grew to become into in elementary terms somewhat and it in simple terms stayed on your throat so which you ought to no longer breath inflicting you to gasp after somewhat. attempt dozing on your factor while you're frightened it is going to take place back and if it does take place back get regarded at by means of a doctor with the aid of fact it must be an illustration of something extreme like sleep apnea.

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    I think he didnt feel that you were in need of help. He probably thought that you were just coughing. Remember you woke him from a sleep.

    I can totally understand what you are feeling and I would be upset - but it isnt worth a fight. It was only a spell and you didnt need 911.

    So say something to him.

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    Personally, I'd be terribly worried - my spouse might be having an asthma attack, or might be showing signs of sleep apnea. In either case, I'd want him to get to a doctor.

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