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If you had to rate Bone Reds on a ABEC scale..what would they be?

bones aren't rated on ABEC scale..

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    Your second line indicates the answer.

    They are not ABEC rated. They would be a 0.

    ABEC ratings have nothing to do with the quality or speed of a bearing!!

    You can have an ABEC 7 bearing that falls apart when you try to use it or an unrated bearing (like Bones, ZeroDrag, or TwinCam) that is really good.

    All ABEC indicates is a specific set of specs for runout and other dimensions. The only reason anyone in the skate world ever heard of it is that some of the early skate bearings were real junk and ABEC 1 was a way to show that the bearings were not junk.

    Some companies have decided that they can make a bearing that is actually better for skating than by following any of the ABEC specs.

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    About Abec 5 because i had Lucky Abec 5 and they were just as fast except the Reds are cheaper

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    Check the Bones Bearings website. It should answer your question

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