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I want to ask ...(15points)Need English

I want to ask about the torist information about Shang Wan stationand the Journey information for Tsim Sha Tsui station to Shang Wan Station.Plz !!!Quick!?

Plz Need English

AS short AS possible,but I want to have a clear information.

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    Let me answer you

    Sheung Wan is the western terminus of the Hong Kong MTR Island Line.

    It was originally built in 1970 as Western Market but its construction was discontinued after further planning for the new lines. Upon the construction of the Island Line, the station was finally constructed and opened in May 1986.

    Station layout






    Des Voeux Road C Concourse

    Customer Service, MTR Shops

    Hang Seng Bank, Vending Machines, ATM

    Rumsey Street Concourse

    Customer Service, MTR Shops

    Hang Seng Bank, ATM



    Des Voeux Road C Concourse

    Walkway to all platforms

    Rumsey Street Concourse

    Alternate Platforms



    Side platform, doors will open on the left

    Platform 1

    Island Line towards Chai Wan

    Platform 2

    Island Line termination platform

    Side platform, doors will open on the left

    These are side platforms built along Des Voeux Road from Cleverly Street to Rumsey Street. Although platforms 1 and 2 are parallel to each other and are on opposite sides, there is a wall separating the two tracks giving a false impression that both platforms are separated by a long distance from each other. Both platforms are slightly longer than those on other MTR underground stations. It has been suggested that this was the result of problems in calculations during the station's construction.

    Rumsey Street platforms

    The platforms of the original Rumsey station, originally planned as the southern terminus of East Kowloon Line, still remain in Sheung Wan station. They are located near Exit E, and they are perpendicular to the Island Line platforms below.

    Presently, the Rumsey Station platforms are incomplete platforms. They have a length of about three MTR EMUs (while normal trains have eight each), do not have tracks and overhead power lines, and have all the tunnel entrances sealed with bricks.


    A1: Des Voeux Road Central

    A2: Wing Lok Street

    B: Des Voeux Road Central

    C: Connaught Road Central

    D: Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal

    E1/E2: Rumsey Street

    E3/E4: Vicwood Plaza

    Transport Connections:

    Bus Routes

    To Kennedy Town:

    1, 5B, 18. (Exit A1)

    To Tin Wan (via Queen Mary Hospital):

    46X (Exit E4)

    To Ap Lei Chau:

    91, 94. (Exit A2)

    Hong Kong Tramways

    Commuters can get out of Sheung Wan station at Exits A1, B, E1 or E3 to get to the tramways on Des Voeux Road Central, for their journey further westwards to Sai Ying Pun, Shek Tong Tsui and Kennedy Town.

    Hong Kong-Macau Ferry

    The Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, located within Shun Tak Centre, provides frequent jetfoil, hydrofoil and hovercraft services to Macau and many other destinations in the Pearl River Delta. Exit D leads to the Ferry Terminal.

    The price from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sheung Wan:


    I hope I can help you all.

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