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Statute of Limitations/Child Endangerment/Reckless Driving?

Okay, so my mom took my little sister and I and we fled from our abusive dad. He had everything in his name, so he could have filed everything stolen if he had wanted to, now we are back in, after a very short amount of time, and mom moved back in before I did. Every Sat. night I drive him home 1.5 hrs. from his favorite bar despite conditions of weather, him, etc. Is this child endangerment?? If it is and we file on him, could he still charge us with a 'runaway' case and 'theft'? If so, how long could he put away for...and us?? Let me also add he has been emotionally abusive for nearly fourteen years. I live in Ks. and I was forced to start driving him home at age 13..underage....I will soon be going to college and my sister, who will be 13, will have to do it, too...prolly before she turns is different than just driving by myself bc I have an intoxicated guy in the seat next to me trying to pull the steering wheel around, etc...making it impossible to drive safely.


Also...if I got in an accident and he denied any of this...would I be charged with wreckless driving due to inablility to prove it??

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    If you're going to be in college soon, presumably you are old enough to have a driver's license and drive responsibly, whether you actually do or not. Obviously, a 13 year old should not be driving, but the fact that one is may or may not constitute child endangerment, depending on how well the child is capable of driving. At least in my state, there's an applicable misdemeanor charge for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle. Whatever charge might be filed, it seems like it would be difficult for your father to deny any of that if he were in the car with you at the time an accident happened.

    As to the prior incident with your mother taking off with you, taking your own child away from the other parent is not a crime unless it is a criminal violation of a court order designating the specifics of custody, which it doesn't sound like is an issue here. The same would probably go for whatever property was involved, and definitely would if you are in a community property state (don't think Kansas is one).

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    So, if your dad is so abusive why are you living with him again?

    If your dad really were that abusive at all, then it would be pure stupidity on your part (and your mother's part) to move back in. (Period)

    Why don't you simply leave him there at his favorite bar if it's that far out of your way? Why don't you simply say "Mom, drive him home yourself?" if either of them are that abusive that they coerce you to do something like that which you don't want to do, then, I echo the sentiments of the first paragraph.

    No, getting a licensed, almost-college aged driver to drive to a bar to pick someone up is NOT child endangerment.

    It sounds to me that you are angry with him about something that you really need to get worked out, not necessarily fixed, but at least identified. Go talk with your pastor or rabbi or immam, or whomever. Learn that it is not from outside, but from whithn that you will learn to grow spiritually enough to stop being angry about someone for things that you yourself have control over.

    The biggest problem nowadays is that intellectually immature folk such as yourself go throwing around phrases like "emotionally abusive" when the only thing that can be proven about 'emotional abusiveness' is that it does not exist.

    Here, I'll prove it:

    Have you ever heard of the old addage "The truth hurts"?

    Of course you have. Everybody has. So, that being a given, I'll move on.

    That old addage isn't actually accurate enough to be considered a completely true statement. In order to be completely true, it has to be stretched out like this: "If you believe something is true and you don't want it to be true then it hurts your feelings." That is a completely true statement.

    So, also is the reverse transitive statement: "If something hurts your feelings, then it is something that you believe to be true but don't want to be true."

    If someone is only telling you something you believe to be true, then it cannot be abusive, lest you be every bit as guilty of the abuse as the other party.

    But, because there are so many emotionally and intellectually immature individuals out there, like yourself, who still believe in emotional abuse like others still believe in a fat, jolly, North Pole Santa Clause, there are going to be people accusing anybody who tells the truth or what you, yourself, believe to be the truth, of being abusive.

    If the shoe fits....

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