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Anthony Johnson or Yi Jianlian?

I need FT% and FG% and Scoring help in my Roto league. I don't need rebounds or blocks. Who should I take?

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    So this really depends on what your team needs. You saw you don't need rebounds or blocks. Some you needs %'s and scoring...and maybe assist?

    Lets first look at Johnson. The Hawks have been searching for a PG for the last few seasons and in the words of Joe Johnson "we finally have a PG who can play ball here." Johnson is currently avg the second best FG% and FT% of his 14 year careers and he is shooting a career best 47% from 3 point range. He is also putting up career numbers in assist (5.2) and steals (1.1). He is also giving you 7.1 ppg.

    Now Yi. Of course he is a rookie as you know. Right now he is putting up 11ppg with one block and one assist. Along with 6 rebounds. Yi's number will constantly fluctuate as he deals with learning the NBA. His FG and FT %'s are 2.3% and 3.7% higher than Johnsons.

    So you look at both guys. You see Yi scores more and blocks more and shoots slightly better %'s, will Johnson will more consistent and give you more assist and steals with slightly lower %'s.

    now the choice is yours. by what you say you need i might lean more towards Johnson.

    good luck

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    I am not sure that either of them are the best choices to help you in percentage categories and scoring. If you really want help in those categories look elsewhere...however in terms of overall value I would go with Johnson...he will get a lot of playing time now that Speedy Claxton is down for the year and it is unlikely that Acie Law will regain the starting position while they are still winning games. Yi Juanlian will be good but right now he is very inconsistent...he may get better as the season progresses but I think picking him up would be more of a gamble. Of course, if you are willing to make that sort of gamble...go for it.

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    Take Yi Jian Lian

    His FT% is quite stable. Besides, his role is PF, over 50% FG% is quite normal for a PF.

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    Over the last month:

    Johnson - FG% .471, FT% .789, PPG 8.4

    Jianlian - FG% .503, FT% .878, PPG 11.7

    So, Jianlian leads in every category you are looking for.

    Source(s): Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball
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    I'd go with Yi.

    Source(s): ;-)
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