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Who plays the waiter in the Peter Sellers movie "The Party"? (1968)?


I cant find any character referred to as a waiter or by name anywhere online or in the movie credits

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    Heres the complete cast

    Peter Sellers ... Hrundi V. Bakshi

    Claudine Longet ... Michele Monet

    Natalia Borisova ... Ballerina

    Jean Carson ... Nanny

    Marge Champion ... Rosalind Dunphy

    Al Checco ... Bernard Stein

    Corinne Cole ... Janice Kane

    Dick Crockett ... Wells

    Frances Davis ... Maid

    Danielle De Metz ... Stella D'Angelo (as Danielle de Metz)

    Herbert Ellis ... Director (as Herb Ellis)

    Paul Ferrara ... Ronnie Smith

    Steve Franken ... Levinson

    Kathe Green ... Molly Clutterbuck

    Allen Jung ... Cook

    Sharron Kimberly ... Princess Helena

    James Lanphier ... Harry

    Buddy Lester ... Davey Kane

    Stephen Liss ... Geoffrey Clutterbuck

    Gavin MacLeod ... C.S. Divot

    Jerry Martin ... Bradford

    Fay McKenzie ... Alice Clutterbuck

    J. Edward McKinley ... Fred Clutterbuck

    Denny Miller ... 'Wyoming Bill' Kelso

    Elianne Nadeau ... Wiggy

    Tom Quine ... Congressman Dunphy (as Thomas W. Quine)

    Timothy Scott ... Gore Pontoon

    Ken Wales ... Assistant Director

    Carol Wayne ... Julie Warren

    Donald R. Frost ... Drummer

    Helen Kleeb ... Secretary

    George Winters ... Cliff Hanger

    Linda Gaye Scott ... Starlet

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    Peter Sellers Movie The Party

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    Steve Franken

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    i could play Cameron Diaz interior the Sweetest element, the lead actress in Bend it Like Beckham (Indian call), or Sanaa Lathan in any of her video clips. i admire all of those video clips and experience that i can relate to them in some way. sturdy question...and the quote you wrote grow to be quite humorous (I had to examine it two times, shhh)?

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    yup, steve franken

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