Heart attack or bypass surgery?

Our neighbor went to the hospital for shortness of breath and was flown en to to a hospital 90 miles away. I am a nervous wreck.

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    Why are you a nervous wreck? There's nothing you can do about it. I'm not trying to belittle you for being worried, but what good will it do to put yourself through this type of turmoil? If it is meant to be, then your friend will come home. If it is not meant to be, then they won't & you'll have to be ready to say goodbye to them. As we get older, we start to see friends, family & loved ones fade from our lives. It's a natural progression of life. We all die sooner or later. I hope your neighbor makes it back home safely. If they don't, then I hope that you can handle having to deal with the loss of someone that is close to you. That's the part about getting older that really sucks...watching people leave this earth & having less & less contact with people we have a history with & can trust.

    Don't dwell on the negative. Instead, dwell on the good times & plan to do something nice for them if them come home. If they don't come home, then you can still do something nice for them when that time comes. Stress can cause illness...try to keep busy & not worry about things you cannot change or control. A card is inexpensive & says more than most people realize. Send one out as soon as you can...it might make both of you feel better!

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    Could be congestive heart failure which is too much fluid in the system and the heart can't pump it well and it builds up in the lungs thus causing shortness of breath.

    This can be caused from heart problems too.

    Usually diuretics work, but it may take a while.

    If they took your neighbor to a major hospital he will get the best of care.

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    He or she is definitely having cardiovascular problems - either a heart attack, severe blockage, or blood clot in the lungs. If this individual was life-watched to another hospital, it is a better than average chance that the other hospital is very good at handling these problems and that your neighbor had a better-than-average chance of pulling through the emergency, surgery, and the recovery afterwards. Keep them in your prayers and maybe help inform their family of the emergency - that will keep you busy and keep your nerves from giving you the same problem.

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    August 22, 2003

    hadn't felt good all afternoon - had a sandwich earlier in the day that had onion bits toasted on the bun, so I thought it was that - heartburn. went to bed that night, but it woke me up about an hour later - asked my husband what heartburn felt like since I've never had it except when I was pregnant. he told me it just kind of burns - to go in and sit in the living room - don't drink anything with carbonation or caffeine and don't have any cigarrettes. so I got a glass of ice water, went in and sat down, turned on the TV and had a sip of water - then had a couple more sips. I put the glass down, and this big huge elephant sat on my chest and the nausea hit. as I was flying through the house to the bathroom - I yelled at him to get dressed, we were going to the hospital. had my head hanging out the door all the way to the hospital - about 15 blocks - but this is a small town. when we got there, I told them it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, but they insisted on giving me this stuff for heartburn. that's the last thing I remember for 10 hours - when I "came to" they told me I had had a heart attack and the area that was affected had 45% damage. transferred to a different hospital and was in the cardiac cath lab within 15 minutes - prepped and there.

    scariest thing that has ever happened to me in my life

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    I'm sure this is a frightening time for all those who care about him. I hope he will get the treatment he needs and be on the road to recovery soon. It's good that he's been taken where he can get the best care. Try to be strong, they will need you in the coming weeks, whatever happens. My dad had to have open heart surgery 2ce, the first time he was in his 30's. They had to fix a valve, then later replace it. He has done ok though. My thoughts and prayers for all of you!---Luvs

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    March 31, 1995. Went to the emergency room for pain in my right arm. Thought they were just going to give me a shot or some pills or something. Four hours later I was having heart surgery to remove a massive blood clot. Had no pulse on the entire right side of my body. My right eye was going to black all the time. Never want to do that again. Only funny thing, if you can call it that, was that I went from 190 pounds to 126 in six days. Don't want to do that again either tho', took me three months just to get my strength back up to somewhat normal.

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    Oh sorry to hear about that riverrat! That happened to my mom, but it ended up being her kidneys. Fluid build-up caused CHF (congested heart failure). She almost didn't make it. It could be a heart attack for your neighbor. Keep us posted on his/her condition. I hope its not too serious.

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    Here I thought you were giving us a choice! Hope your friend is OK.

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