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How to become a HIPPIE!?

me and my sister are in a hotel room together, and we are going to become hippies! how do you become a hippie?! ENTERTAIN US WITH YOUR ANSWERS :D

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    Sorry, but you can't just decide to be a hippie. Its a way of life, not a stereotype. If you really have a passion for nature, equal rights, peace, love, and freedom, and you dislike conformists, the establishment, and war, then you are a hippie. There is no other way to go about it because being a fake is probably the absolutely most anti-hippie thing you could be, besides Ronald Regan.

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    How To Become Hippie

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    Go to a "hippie" website and complain about everything in the world today. Also, when you're on those sites, ask them how to become a hippie. They LOVE that. You talk about hating stereotypes but in every other thread you discuss how you wear tie-dye and sandals everyday. Seriously though, be born between 1950 and the early 1960's.

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    Grow out your hair and toss your shoes. Wear a scarf around your head for a headband, and get yourself a pair of those Ozzy sunglasses. Learn to play acoustic guitar and play for animals. Hug trees and eat only plants - no meat!!! Smoke pot (or maybe you shouldn't because the stuff they had back then was a lot lighter than it is now) and wear flowy skirts. Make daisy chains for everyone you love and drawl when you talk. Smile peacefully and spread the love.

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  • Hug trees

    Smoke Mary Jane.


    Fight for animal rights.


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    see via the baloney of racism , appreciate nature , love the earth , co perform with others as a replace of competing , stay with others to verify from them , have fun existence itself , dont slave for a production unit proprietor with a cigar in his face , beat your tambourine and dance till ultimately sunrise -

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    1) love trees

    2) have lots of kids

    3) name those kids: Branch, River, Moonbeam, Sunshine, Rainbow, and Twig

    4) drive a VW Bus

    5) lots of hula hoops

    6) wear hemp clothes

    7) do not shave

    8) get a hiking backpack

    9) do not shower

    10) say peace to everyone

    11) talk s-l-o-w-

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    Smoke Mary Jane Hula hoops, and have a WV R u and these people trying to offend me For one i dont smoke The so called "Mary Jane" and Hula hoops WTF people of my kind dont use those things and WV i seare u guys are trying to piss me off and we're never always happy we have feelings and stuff and "ENTERTAIN US WITH YOUR ANSWERS" i HATE UUUU

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    PLEASE DONT BE A HIPPIE. lol jk jk i luv hippies.

    peace and luv, man!

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