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does sexkey really send your ip to the FBI?

my comp. was hacked and someone tried to log into a website called sex key(a porn site).. using a stolen account. a page popped out saying that my ip was sent to da FBI.. is this true?!


It said something along the lines of.. "Your IP address has been logged and sent to the proper authorities/FBI or something.. and then there was a link to the FBI website, related to porn or something... oh. and it also said, "legal somethings may be enforced or something... =[[

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    did it actually say the FBI? or did it say something like 'your IP address has been noted for security reasons' type of thing? if it was the latter, then all websites note your IP address, otherwise they wouldn't let you access their website without it. Secondly, i don't think FBI send out warnings before hand that they've noted your IP address.

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    thats dumb who would tell you and give you a chance to leave the country

    you should not worrie

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    yup it is true just say your younger sibling was useing the pc you'll be all right.....jk

  • don't answer the door!!!!

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