Where could I find Johnny Cash movies such as the last days of frank and Jesse James and the baron and the kid

Both TV movies, The baron and the kid from 1984 and the last days of frank and jesse james with Kris Kristofferson these both sound like really interesting tv movies and I seriously doubt they are ever aired on tv anymore I probably couldn't find them at blockbuster could I where could I find these films?

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    Hi! You can definitely get them through Blockbuster. I orderd them last week; should be here Fri or Sat. May nothave them in-store but you can always check. All I know is that I ordered them on-line last week.


    Full Synopsis:

    Country music legends Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson star as Frank and Jesse James in this made-for-TV biography of the notorious Old West criminals. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Movie Guide

    Complete Cast:

    June Carter Cash

    Marcia Cross

    Johnny Cash

    Willie Nelson

    Margaret Gibson

    David Allan Coe

    Gail Youngs

    Kris Kristofferson

    Ed Bruce - Major Edwards

    Director(s):William A. Graham

    Writer(s):William Stratton

    Producer(s):Philip Cates

    Technical Details:





    Full Synopsis:

    The "Baron", played by Johnny Cash, is a legendary pool shark. The "Cajun Kid", played by Greg Webb, is the Baron's long-lost son. Once they're reunited, the Baron and the Kid embark upon numerous adventures, each exploit bringing them closer. Based on Johnny Cash's hit song "The Baron", this made-for-TV endeavor is a blatant attempt to rope the fans of Kenny Rogers' similar TV-movie project The Gambler. Costarring June Carter Cash and Tracy Pollan, The Baron and the Kid premiered November 21, 1984. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

    Running Time: 94 mins

    Complete Cast:

    Johnny Cash - The Baron

    Tracy Pollan - Mary Beth Phillips

    Claude Akins

    Darren McGavin - Jack Beamer

    Greg Webb - The Cajun Kid

    June Carter Cash - Dee Dee Stanley

    Richard Roundtree - Frosty

    Director(s):Gary Nelson

    Writer(s):William Stratton

    Producer(s):Kenneth Kaufman, Gary Nelson, Michael Lepiner

    Technical Details:

    Studio:Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

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    I saw some Johnny Cash movies in the Dollar Tree and at Walmart on the rack with some other dollar movies.

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    This question made me think of a Johnny Cash movie, after researching it I think it was "Thaddeus Rose and Eddie", where he shove some kinda veggie, I think it was a tomato, up a cops tail pipe. Later on they were throwing tomatoes and Thaddeus (Johnny) says to Eddie (Bo Hopkins) Hey Eddie, gimme another 'mater.....

    Don't forget Pride of Jessie Hallum too! Another classic.........

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    ask on ebay or try you tube

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