GUYS: what is the difference, for a guy, between pretty, cute, beautiful, hot, sexy, and gorgeous?

lol I know i put quite a bit of adjectives in there... but I'm just wondering are they interchangeable in a guy's mind or what? and how often do guys use them for girls?


b/c my ex called me all those (except hot and sexy). what does that mean?

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    For my answer I am assuming you want to know about guys referring to potential girlfriends/lovers/dates and not sister's moms, and grandmas.

    Anyway it really depends on the context, but generally "pretty", and "cute" means ok looking... like between a 5 to 8 out of 10.

    In other words, she isn't ugly, but she isn't gonna turn heads walking down the street. However something about her... her smile, laugh, personality, etc., is cute or pretty and guys get attracted to that once them see it enough.... IE you meet a girl, you never really noticed she was hot, but then after talking to her for 20 minutes, you find you can't stop staring at her dimples when she smiles, or her baby blue eyes, or her laugh makes you smile, etc., MOVING ON

    Hot and sexy means this is a girl that a guy wants to have sex with, she has a great body (definition of great varies guy by guy), she is great looking, and basically most guys that see her want to have sex with her. The term sexy comes from the idea that the person looks like someone you would have sex with.

    Beautiful and gorgeous are generally terms for a girl who leaves you breathless, looks like an angel, love at first site kind of deal. Supermodels are beautiful, celebrities are gorgeous.

    Since your a girl I'll translate to girl language.

    Matt Damon would be an example of cute.

    Brad Pitt or George Clooney would be hot/sexy.

    Some male underwear model with a 6 pack, perfect skin, etc., is beautiful or gorgeous.

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    It's all about attitude and personality. One girl can be all these things. You do not have to look like Miss America to demonstrate a range of impressions. There is nothing more boring than a girl who looks good but cannot demonstrate normal emotions. But I see this all the time. Most notorious sex symbols learned a wide range of emotions. They are good actors.

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    pretty- way to say goodlooking to friends

    cute- average looking but not like omg!

    beautiful- describes girlfriend

    hot- just like good looking and a hookup

    sexy- same as hot but a little better looking

    gorgeous- i dont know any guys who use that sorry. xp

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    Pretty is your sister

    Cute is the girl next door

    Beautiful is your wife

    Hot is your wife's promiscuous little sister

    Gorgeous is your child.

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