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Peanut Butter-Bad even when sugarless?

I have always heard to stay away from peanut butter when you are trying to get rid of acne. Is this only the case if the peanut butter has sugar and salt? What if I eat a natural jar filled simply with crushed dry-roasted, unsalted peanuts?

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    food does not give you zits!!! some forms of acne are caused by the way you digest foods (i.e. bacterial infection in the intestine) other than that there is no proof that food gives you pimples.

    tips straight from my medical journal: use mild soap (dove is good) and water when your face feels oily and dirty, pat dry, never rub, never touch your face, washing your face before bed is essential, and stick to a regime. skin is sensitive and things like changing the soap you use will cause breakouts. if they are severe, see a doctor. it could be, like i stated before, a bacterial infection that can be treated with anti-biotics. i hope this helps

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    Peanut Butter has NOTHING to do with acne.

    "Acne Myths & Claims - Certain foods cause acne.

    No, those french fries you had yesterday didn’t give you new zits today. In fact, scientists have been unable to find ANY substantial connection between diet and acne. So all the foods you’ve been afraid of — pizza, french fries, chocolate — are fine. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should binge on your favorites whenever you want — a healthy diet will help your body have the strength to help you in your fight against acne. So use your common sense, but don’t be afraid to indulge now and then. More about diet."

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    The fat in peanut butter is good for you; all nuts are good for you. An adult should eat up to 60 fat grams per day, so you're fine. My favorite breakfast is a banana smeared with peanut butter. Yum.

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    Really strange answers here, when it comes to contradicting information. I mean, you often read, "You are what you eat" and then your told, nothing you eat affects your health or appearance.

    Use your common sense if you don't want to gain a certification in nutrition. Just know that if god made it; eat it and if man made it; read it.

    Look up artificial sweeteners here: and make up your own mind.

    Google "fatty acids" and learn about them. They are the oils that don't clog your pours and make better skin cells.

    Man made oils, like "hydrogenated" found in snack foods cause clogging and acne.

    Again, its common sense. Your pimples will not go away overnight from better eating habits, but why prolong the problem or make it worse with junk food?

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    Tut tut, the myth that foods affects your skin is just that a MYTH.

    Eat whatever peanut butter you want, it won't make a difference. The only thing that will affect your skin's apperence is using cleaning products. (So now you can eat all the chocolate you want!)

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    I think that's a myth. It doesn't really work.


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