What car crash?

when was Drake Bell in a car crash?

How long ago was it?

Is he alright?


any links?

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    Drake bell was in a car crash December 29, 2005.

    Personal life

    On December 29, 2005, Bell was involved in a car accident on Los Angeles' Pacific Coast Highway. He was in the car with his friend Thomas. As his car was a 1966 Ford Mustang, the steering wheel was made of wood and metal, the seatbelts were only around the waist, and there were no airbags. Because of this, his face smashed into the steering wheel, resulting in a fractured neck, six dislodged teeth, and a deep cut across his chin, leaving a two-and-a-half inch scar.

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    he's ok but i don't remember when

    look on google or wikipedia

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